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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Stepping Into Control | Babe Crate: Alexis

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Walk into a position of power...

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My muse wanted to try some new ideas on design.  I had more than one image to play so this story looks a bit different. 

Paul’s eyes lit up as soon as he saw what was inside the Babe Crate box this month.  His fingers caressed the thick material as he held them, admiring the craftsmanship.  It was rare he got to indulge his love for the sexy footwear, so seeing a new pair with his package stirred his excitement to higher levels.  Without a hesitation, he slid the first boot up his foot, shivering as the warm magic of change traveled through his body.  Skin rippled and quivered as mass melted away, meeting the demands of the enchanted garment.  

“Gawd this is so nice,” he sighed as he zipped it up.  More and more of his leg transformed as he did, replacing masculine weathered flesh with vibrant, glowing skin.  Paul’s mind was already altering, becoming corrupted with lascivious thoughts of debauchery.  Those urges strengthened as Paul slit the second boot up his leg. The transformative energies of the boots flows upward through his body, sucking his waist in while his hips and bottom flared out. Paul stood up, feeling his rump cheeks swell outward.  

He loved how in control he felt as a woman.  Despite being smaller, Paul always felt a surge of power when he transformed.  So many were intimidated by the beautiful woman he became - either smitten by her allure or willing to anything to win her favor.  Their worship was intoxicating!  Who wouldn’t love being adored and lusted after?  

It was so addictive becoming feminine; becoming such a different person.  The new woman’s impulses meshed with his own as Paul continued to change shape.  Sliding the thick sweater dress on only accelerated his corruption into a wicked bitch, feeding his vanity as much as it fed his curves.  

“Oh yes, I am a sexy fucking bitch,” the new woman purred to herself.  “I’m so fucking hot and everyone knows it.”  She felt the stretch material cling to her as curves became more abundant.  Nipples brushed against the inside of the dress, threatening to peek through the material as they stiffened.  She rubbed her thighs together as the damp warmth commanded attention.  When the remnants of Paul’s manhood folded itself underneath her wet folds, Alexis knew she was complete once again.  She glanced in the box and saw a pair of panties but she knew she would not need them.  Once she made a few calls, her thralls would be at her doorstep ready to provide her with the pleasure she so needed.  The clicking heels of her boots echos within her suite as she walked over to pick up her phone.  “Mistress has returned,” she whispered to the person on the other line.  “You know where to meet me.  You have fifteen minutes or I shall send for someone else.”  Alexis hit the end button, giving her pet no time to respond.  Their desires meant nothing beyond taking care of her in all ways.  Besides, now she had select which toys to play with this time.


  1. Terrific design! Well-written as well, as always. Not so sure about the whole "babe crate" thing, or the general "mistress bitch" theme, but that's just seasoning to one's tastes. Good job!
    Amanda Hawkins
    (sorry about using Anonymous, but the Wordpress option won't accept my "https" website address)

  2. You are on a big-time roll Simone!

    1. Thanks Dee, I hope I can keep it going.

  3. This looks wonderful Simone! It has a very clean layout without being cold. It looks like it could have been in a magazine! And of course the story is just wonderful... I don't think anybody can write that delicate balance between transformation and clothes anywhere near as good as you!


    1. Yay! so good to see you, hun! I'm glad you enjoyed this and you can see i've ben toying with new looks. We shall see where it takes me. Thanks so much!


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