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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Obsessive Seduction | Perfect Trophy


Perfection has it's own price

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Sir found her by the window, delicate fingers inches from her soft lips as carefully appraised her reflection. The uncertainty conflicted the picture of perfection Kate presented; immaculate hair and makeup, a tasteful dress expertly accessorized.  Her perfume properly applied to provide the optimal sensory titillation. It was moments before she finally acknowledged him, startled out of her worried trance by his distinctive footfalls.  The surprised bewilderment in her eyes turned into hopeful pleading, tilting her head to the side as she spoke.

“Well,” Kate whispered with trepidation.  “What do you think?”  

“Lovely, just as I like you, Kitten.”  She smiled at Sir’s praise, looking relieved as he slid a shawl around her shoulders.  His hands went around Kate’s waist, taking ownership of her as she leaned against him and rested her face in the crook of his neck.  His scent soothed her for a moment, sating her addiction to him long enough that she could ponder how far she had fallen.  She glanced down at the perfectly shaped ovals that tipped her fingers, admiring the handiwork and wondering why it mattered so much. She knew he was the source.  He liked long nails so Kate always had immaculate nails.  He had urged her to become this creature.  His charm and charisma had bewitched her a lifetime ago - Curt’s lifetime.  Sir’s cult of personality had urged her to submerge Curt.  He had not been Sir’s ideal.  Too masculine, too self assured.  He was an obstacle to Sir’s success.  No, Curt has to go.  Curt had to become Kate.

“Beauty is what I love most,” Sir’s words sunk deep into Kate’s mind as she started her metamorphosis.  “Femininity most divine, a reflection of my success, a trophy.”  His words drove Kate to give him control.  Curt’s company fell in Sir’s hands while the words of his decree changed her.  Sir would whisper his desires to Kate and her body would comply.  She lost Curt’s mass, shrinking until she was just tall enough in heels to lay her head against his chest.  He would ask for thick golden locks to run his hands through and Kate suddenly felt the tickle of hair down her back.  His fingers became dainty, slender, delicate.  Her feet were tiny, legs coltish and without flaw.  Sir willed her hips to widen, her rump to thicken and her waist to curve inward.  Her lips thickened just like her bosom.  Her wide eyes were framed by feathery lashes and her skin became softer than air.  Each desire he gave her strengthened his influence and corrupted her.  

Curt’s lingering voice tried to fight Sir’s words, but the new sensations proved overwhelming.  More and more changes were seen in the mirror, and God help her, she began to crave them.  Sir would buy her pretty, frilly things and she would model them for him.  She would see the look of lust and desire in Sir’s eyes and she would feel the urge worship him.  The more beauty she saw in the mirror, the more she liked her new self.  This is the body Sir wanted, he wanted perfect beauty, not Curt.  She would dedicate herself to being pretty, to be the walking reflection of his success.  That is why she was so consumed with her looks, she wanted to always please him.  The very thought of being less than perfect worried Kate but the simplest of compliments ease her worry.  Her old life no longer mattered - Sir took care of her now and made sure Curt’s old company ran smoothly.  Her concerns were to attend to Sir’s personal and carnal needs.  She no longer had an aversion to them - in fact, she welcomed them as much as she welcomed anything else he gave her.

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