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Monday, July 4, 2016

Show Your True Colors | Babe Crate: Kelly

Celebrate this summer with a new you!

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Stars & Stripes abound this month as we celebrate the holiday with our True Colors theme!  This set of clothing will reveal your true self when you slip them on.  Show your true colors to everyone when you step out with Babe Crate!

The Babe Crate team

Kevin tugged the shirt over head, afraid it wouldn’t fit.  As soon as it fell over his head, he could feel his body’s mass quivering.  His muscles deflated, torso shrinking and rearranging itself to accommodate the top.  Within moments, what should have been a too-tight shirt was now a loose fitting top.  

It was no question Kevin enjoyed trying on the outfits from Babe Crate each month, for him it was a matter of survival.  Today, his photographer friend was expecting a model for a 4th of July themed shoot.  Showing up as Kelly to photo shoots earned Kevin the money he was failing to earn as an actor.  He tried to think about the extra money this shoot would bring in, but all he could concentrate on was how good it felt to transform into a woman again.  The thick, silky strands of brunette hair were particularly distracting.  Kevin felt them growing rapidly as he slid the panties up, tickling his ears and neck as his legs softened. His whole torso tingled as breasts pushed the thin top outward and his tummy pulled itself taut and firm.  

Kevin licked his lips as he felt his boots slide over his dainty feet, marveling at how plump they felt.  Every time he blinked, Kevin felt his lashes thicken.  Soon they were long and feathery, shaping his bright eyes.  Eventually, he felt the last of his maleness absorb itself into his abdomen, signalling the end of the spell.  Kelly was ready for another modeling shoot.  Maybe this time she could get lucky with the cute photographer. 


  1. another great caption! curious how long the effects of a Babe Crate outfit last? If Kelly is hoping to get lucky does she have to keep a piece of clothing on or is there a time effect duration? Good choice for the recipients name too :)

    Thanks and happy 4th Mistress Simone!

    1. I haven't quite nailed down how long it lasts I've thought about them, I just haven't nailed it all down. The answers will come, most likely through the captions as I continue to do them.

      As for the names, well, it happens that I made it for one of the members of Rachel's Haven. Quite a few of these are (Felicia seems to be quite popular and I've only realized things I do for her seem to gain a following). You'll be seeing more and more of certain names because of it but there are others I choose just for fun.

      I've even made special editions for people where I go in and redo the names!


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