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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Temporary Convenience | Babe Crate: AL


A new sensation every month!

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Inquisitive as he was, Al had little concerns about the magic of his monthly Babe Crate packages.  The spells worked just as the advertisements said they would.  Something inherent in the magic seemed to “know” the needs of it’s users.  Al only stayed in the body of a woman “as long as he needed to” according to the website’s policies.  No sudden “Cinderella” moments where he suddenly changed in the middle of a party.  Changing outfits also had no effect on the duration of the magic’s effects.  He was free to switch out clothing as long as he remained in his feminine form.  

Unless one bought a premium package the effects were always temporary - something that was a great convince to Al.  He was more interested in experiencing the metamorphosis each new package brought him.  As soon as the feminine fabric touched his skin, the wondrous tickle of energy gave Al an erotic rush of delight.  He reveled in the sensations of his body expanding and contracting, mass rearranging itself into feminine shapes.  Al loved to watch as his skin quivered, the faint prickle of magic flowing through his body as he turned smooth all over.  It was so pleasurable to run his fingertips over his flesh as he became dainty and delicate.  

The sensual swell of his bosom always captivated Al.  The energy always concentrated on his chest in a mass of erotic pleasure as it drew flesh under his chest.  He could feel the bloom of titflesh underneath his hands, nipples turning taut and firm between Al’s fingers.  It was especially satisfying to feel it happen as it strained a frilly bra or stretched a tiny bikini top.  He also loved how his breasts would jiggle as his bottom swayed when he walked and moved.   Even when he tried not to, his body would mince and pad about, forcing his hips to swish about left and right.  The jiggle of his body would make him blush a bit - sparking a girlish giggle that he couldn’t suppress.  He was totally enchanted by the experience and loved how convenient the service made the process.  And it made him happiest of all that he got to experience the whole transformation over and over again.


  1. Another wonderful caption sending tingles. You do such a great job describing the transformation and the sensations in such a short amount of space. In awe of your amazing talent and skill :)

  2. GreatgooglymooglyJuly 11, 2016 at 10:43 PM

    Your new "Babe Crate" series checks a lot of boxes on my list of fantasies, and this one might be my favorite yet. So descriptive, and it gives a great background into the rest of the stories. You have a such a tendency to fit an image so perfectly that it comes to life. Awesome cap!

  3. Thank you for the wonderful caption, Simone!

    -- Al


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