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Thursday, May 22, 2014

What the Heart Wants | Whispers of Truth


 It's time you were honest with yourself.

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I did this one for a girl on the haven, one of what I like to call the redhead club.  It had such a sensual vibe to the image that I felt the story should try to reflect that.  I wanted to play with conflicted emotions so that is where the story took itself.  Let me know if you would listen...


Don’t look away, Shauna!  A woman should never feel shame for being beautiful.  You have nothing to apologize for, so put those silly apprehensions to rest.  So many women would give ANYTHING to be you.  Are you worried Nathaniel will not like you?  You know good and well he will be smitten the moment you open the door - he’s head over heels in love with the burgundy bombshell you’ve become.  

You can’t deny that you love the woman in the mirror.  You relish the your voluptuous curves and silky-smooth skin every time you transform.  Being wrapped within the flesh of a beautiful woman has been a dream, has it not?  You can pour yourself into sinfully decadent fabrics and paint your beguiling body without anyone batting an eyelash.  Other women look upon you with envy when you walk down the street; it used to be you jealousy longing to be like them.  It’s silly of you to try to escape what the heart wants, dear.  And YOUR heart wants to be Shauna.

And Nate wants you to be Shauna too. Do you think he would fall in love with Tom?  Of course not, silly goose!  Tom doesn’t have have delicious curves to Nate cuddle in the darkness of a movie theatre.  His scent doesn’t draw men like moths to a flame.  Tom doesn’t know how to tease a man until he can’t take it, then wrap him around a manicured finger so he’ll do whatever he’s told.  Most of all, Tom’s heart doesn’t flutter every time she feels her man’s touch.  Shauna knows how to appreciate a man.  She dresses to make his heart race and she’s completely in love.  Shauna wants to take things to the next level - to surrender her heart, body, and soul to the man she loves.

And that’s really the problem, isn’t it?  Those needs have been stirring inside you all these months, licking at your loins and demanding satisfaction.  That void between your creamy thighs has been simmering, Shauna, and you KNOW tonight is the night.  You’re worried about the price but I’m here to tell you it’s worth it.  Your heart knows what’s best for you, sweetie, and it’s time you put this silly Tom nonsense behind us.  You won’t be changing back after tonight’s date - you’re going to go home with Nate and let him sink deep inside your feminine treasure.  Nate is all the man WE need now, gorgeous, and once he gives us his seed we will be all the woman he needs … forever.


  1. I love the cap so much ♥


  2. I love the cap so much ♥


  3. Simone, You are still the master of Erotica

    1. Very high praise I don't know if I'm worthy of. Thank you

  4. Replies
    1. very glad you liked and thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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