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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Welcome Gifts | Right Frame Of Mind

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Here’s a little present to make you feel more at home here at Haven Towers.  
-Simone Ravencroft | Haven Towers Property Manager

The flowing handwriting on the black card glowed in gold as Reggie read the words.  It was just as fancy and ornate as the lacy lingerie inside the box.  He shivered as he looked at the slinky garments, hesitant to touch them.  How did this woman KNOW??  He never told anyone.  Still, the temptation won out - he HAD to try them on.  

The smoky sheer stockings shocked his trembling hands, but he soon relaxed as he rolled the cool stretchiness around his leg.  He groaned as they slowly encased his thighs and calves, the silky, sensual embrace of nylon causing his skin to tingle.  The tingle traveled up his legs, transforming Reggie’s flesh right before his eyes.  The erotic sensation continued past his thighs and into his hips, forcing them to flare and swell.  

“Oh my!” the sweet dulcet voice from his lips was not his own, yet he was too enraptured by the erotic warmth of his rapidly expanding ass.  Something within Reggie reached for the garter belt next, and he slowly slid the intimate garment up over his feminine thighs and over his hips.  He barely clip the straps into the tops of his enchanted hosiery before the spell started again.  

The tingle flowed between Reggie's smooth thighs, building in strength as it remolded his crotch.  He moaned as his waist contracted to form the bottom half of a feminine hourglass.  Two plush protrusions on his chest finished the top half of his shape, giving him lush curves to match his ample ass.  Meanwhile, the powerful magic finished rearranging Reggie’s crotch, leaving a distinct void that marked him as distinctly and irreversibly female.  

The new woman did not dare touch her new flower as the magic continued to rearrange her features, making her face as elegant as her curves.  She somehow knew she was beautiful yet she still gasped when she viewed her reflection for the first time.  She was too enamored with her looks to notice the sound of someone opening her new apartment’s door.

“I see you are enjoying our gifts, Karen Sue.”  Simone said to the surprise new girl.  “Let’s hurry up and get you dressed - all the Haven girls are dying to welcome the new tenant.” 


  1. I've been enjoying your captions since I found your sight a few weeks ago, Mistress. This one was so sensuous that I just had to tell you how much I love it. Thank you!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to say so. It's always good when a transformation caption comes out properly so I'm glad it resonated with you.


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