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Monday, May 19, 2014

Wanton & Willing | I Can Take It [Explicit]

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Some girls know how to give their all....

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I wanted to do something highly erotic and I imagined the "girl" who is instinctively submissive and willing to give herself to her lover's desires. 

Oh My!  You ARE going to do it, aren’t you?  I can see it in your eyes.  You’ve been staring at me ever since my breasts started to show.   I didn’t want to believe it - I couldn’t believe that look was desire.  How could you want someone like me?  I’m not real: I don’t have a pussy.  I’m just pretending to be a girl. . .

I’m sorry - I’ve been a teasing slut all this time.  You’ve watched me transform myself; soften my body and make myself more feminine.  Am I that convincing now?  All these months your eyes have been lingering over my new curves.  Don’t worry, I won’t deny you; you deserve release.  I’ll let you have me - I won’t say no.  I’ll be your personal slut and I don’t care how you take me…

OOOOOoo!  Mmmmm, yes, take all you want.  I didn’t realize I lit this fire in you.  A silly little thing like me, playing at being a female.  You’re so rough and so strong. . . how come I never noticed before?  It’s feels so right to give in - OH YES, RIGHT THERE!  Use me to soothe that itch you’ve had all this time.  I can take it, baby.

That’s it, deeper.  DEEPER!  Your girlfriend was right to call you a brute!  Oh but god help me I LOVE it.  My body wants more, it wants to give in to your demands.  Spank me, tease me, fuck me!  I’m your whore now.   It’s what you need - what I crave. 


  1. omg who is the redhead model... just looking at her gorgeous face... ughhh

    1. not sure who she is but very glad you enjoyed.

  2. I'd love to be just like her for the right man.

    1. Maybe he'll want more from you than that. . .

  3. It's when I see a hot cap like that that I wanna change places and be her.


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