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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mingling |Ambiguous Relationship

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Perhaps is a conscious coupling . . . .

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I haven't been frustrated by a caption like this one in a LONG time.  The original draft came off clunky and cumbersome.  Talking with Lady Victoria helped me make some changes to the story that allowed the story to flow better. 

I originally wanted this to be a single panel caption but it quickly became evident that the story was going to require more space.  The images also did not want to corporate as I formatted the frames.  In the end, I was very happy with the end result. 


“Heads up, buddy.” Charlie immediately caught the bottle Mark tossed, blowing his buddy a kiss before popping the top off.  Their friend Julie rolled her eyes at their behavior, folding her arms in mock disgust. “It’s your favorite.”

“Ugh, you lovebirds make me sick!” she tried not to crack a smile but failed miserably.  Mark responded by slipping behind Charlie, affectionately rubbing his shoulder almost possessively.  Charlie leaned into Mark’s touch, winking at Julie as he sipped his beverage.

“It hurts that you mock our love,” Mark’s straight face was hard to read - all the funnier for the group as he reached down to caress Charlie’s cheek.  The boy shivered at his friend’s touch, but he ignored. it.  He could play the game too; few males were as comfortable with themselves as these two.  Julie and the others chuckled at their display, standing up and waving.

“Whatever, you two.  Let’s leave the couple to do their own thing and we’ll meet them later.”  Mark just waved, taking Charlie’s hand and dragging him out of his seat.

“Come on, sexy,” Mark said.  “Looks like you’re my date.”  Charlie’s throat was suddenly dry despite having finished his drink.

“Um..ok” he meekly chirped, not letting go of Mark’s hand.  A spark flowed over Charlie as their finger’s touched, traveling up his arm until he shivered again. Charlie’s body was warm and he was suddenly VERY aware of his friend.  A gentle crimson flush formed in his cheeks as he reached up to brush a few errant strands of gold away from his face.  

Mark led them into the line for a roller coaster, his arm coming to rest across Charlie’s shoulder.  The warmth pulsed again as Charlie’s body shrank to create a proper height juxtaposition between them, yet he barely seemed to notice.  Instead his attention was focused on Mark’s masculine jawline and toned physique.

 It went on like this between them at each ride.  Charlie’s limbs became gracefully slender when Mark won him a stuffed bear at the Test Your Strength booth. On the ferris wheel, Mark’s touch gave Charlie flawlessly smooth skin.   Charlie clutched Mark’s arm in the haunted house, rapidly growing breasts pressing against the larger boy’s arm.  Each mirror in the fun house held another feminizing change for Charlie; softening his features until he was a petite beauty who looked ideal on the arm of her man.

Charlotte stepped out of the fun house with Mark.  Her mind a bit disoriented from her experience.  Mark steadied her with a hand on her back and she purred as her hopefully-boyfriend led her back to the food court.  She was tangibly aware that she was different, but her growing affection for her friend was overriding any need to worry.  The new girl chose to go with the flow and let Mark continue to treat her as the woman she’s become.  

They bought drinks before sitting down to wait, Mark playing the gentlemen for her by holding Charlotte’s seat.  She squeaked when he pressed his lips against her, but she quickly melted into it.  

“I looks like you two had a good time!” Julie’s voice cause the two the pull away from each other.  Charlotte pressed her plush, glossy lips together, the lingering taste of Mark causing a distinct reaction between her thighs.  She only smirked at Julie’s thinly veiled accusation.  “Why can’t you two just admit you're a couple and save us all time.”  

“I’m not hiding anything.  Are you, babe?” Charlotte glanced over to Mark as she sipped her drink.  His smile matched her own, shaking his head in response to her question.  Charlotte’s high-heeled toe found his leg under the table, rewarding him for his agreement while promising more when they were alone.


  1. This is a wonderfully touching and erotic love story Mistress Simone. No real complexities - just two people in love, regardless of the gender, as the love remains despite the transformation from male to female, emphasizing that humans are not so simple creatures that they can be boxed in to society's gender roles. Hmmm. Maybe more complex than at first believed.



    1. Love is never easy - but even complicated love can be fun.

  2. This is one of my favorites and I was wondering where did you find this image because it is haunting me how beautiful she is

    1. I honestly forgot where I found it, It might have been something a friend sent me or it came from one of my folders. considering who it was for I might have gotten it from their folder on Rachel's Haven and found a companion image to go with it.


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