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Friday, May 30, 2014

Quick Change | Diligence

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Kendall shows her slight of hand skills when it comes to femininity.

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I wanted to make something fun for Kendall so this was the result.  It uses her love of cross-dressing and disguise.  I have about four different ideas for the girl so I need to get them out too.  I also need to do something a bit more wicked - most of what I have done recently has been more sweet and I'm feeling the urge to be a bad girl.  We shall see where the urge takes me.  Until then, enjoy some cotton candy goodness.


“Alex, are you done?”  Mark asked as he fidgeted nervously next to the car, head swiveling left and right to keep a look out.  A pair of sleek, smooth legs swung out of the driver’s seat, distracting him from keeping watch.

“It’s Kendall now, sweetie,” the sultry honeyed voice chided Mark.  “You don’t want your frat brothers to think you’re dating a guy, do you?”

“Whoa!” Mark stepped back as his date finally revealed herself.  

“It’s not like this is the first time you’ve seen me like this.” the lovely androgyne smirked at her friend’s bewildered expression as she finished applying lotion to her legs.  

“Yeah, but it’s a bit odd considering just ten minutes ago you were a guy,” Mark shook his head and shrugged his shoulders.  “I didn’t expect you to just slip into girl mode that easily - especially looking so hot!”

“Thanks,” A faint splash of crimson appeared in Kendall’s cheeks as she grabbed her purse. Mark has seen her en femme several times and he always made a big deal about it.  What girl didn’t like to know she looked good?  “However, you know I can look better.  The makeup was easy but i wished I had my full kit.  However this little quick change took some serious prep.”

“Prep?”  She rolled her eyes as her friend’s oblivious response.  Men.

“I have to work at beauty just as much as any girl - in fact more so.  I wasn’t born with the same advantages.”  She turned and stood up, letting Mark get a full view of her ample creamy cleavage.  She giggled as his eyes bulged.  “These beauties had to be applied BEFORE you picked me up.  Plus I had to soak and shave so my legs could look good in a skirt.  I also spent all last night applying hair extensions.” Kendall gave her head a slight shake, her chestnut locks flowing around her in the wind.  

“Well, you’re diligence is appreciated; you look phenomenal.” It was Mark’s turn to blush;  Kendall took his arm and kissed his cheek.  His words were lovely but his response to her appearance was her true compliment.

“You better appreciate it , buster.”  She chided him playfully as he escorted her towards the picnic grounds.  “I’m here to make YOU look good.  Your ‘girlfriend’ expects you to treat her like a queen today AND when you take her out to dinner in return for this favor.”  Mark obediently nodded and Kendall had to bite her tongue to suppress a giggle.  Men were so easy.  If Mark impressed her today, she might have him drive them back so she could show him her other feminine talents...


  1. Hehe, oops. Sorry for not noticing this for so long! Life has been super hectic as of late! I have actually not written a single new caption since March. All the caps being posted on my blog right now were written sometime before then and are now being slowly released.

    But on to the caption!

    First, I love the playful tone. I tend to think of myself as a saucy, devious, and flirtatious minx, and I think you captured that quite well in this caption! Of course, I also love a good cross-dressing/disguise caption so you were already on fire before you even began. I love how much of a tease you wrote me out to be (I definitely would be if I looked like that!) and the happy, everybody-wins tale melts my butter every time.

    As usual, your prose is beautiful and your vocabulary a delectable lyrical treat. The photo selection was also fantastic: the brunette model is gorgeous as are the composition and colors. Over all, the whole caption has a very sleek and professional look about it which I really appreciate. To me, presentation is half caption!

    So thank you very much Simone. This truly is another great work. And more ideas you say 'eh? Well I'll just have to keep an eye out for them! Thanks again!

    1. Yes, I always see you as a minx, Kendall-dear. We both love the CD/disguise angle for stories so it was a blast to create this one. Makes me very happy this satisfies.


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