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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bedside Manner | Medical Wonder

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 Paging Nurse Feelgood. . . . 

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I made this for one of the Haven girls.  I thought she would get a kick out of being forced into service as a medical assistant.  The image required some minor expansion to give it proper visual space.  Perhaps you want to join Linda in the ward.

You fumble with your dress uniform, desperately trying not to look back. However you can’t resist peeking over your shoulder just once at Dr. Long.  The arrogant grin plastered over his face is  making you  blush as you think about the salty, creamy taste still in your mouth.  

“I’ll be needing another check up after surgery, Linda,” he announces giving your full rump a smack as he walks past you, making you moan.  “Don’t go too far, sweet cheeks.”  He leaves you in the steam room, cheeks flush with a mixture of anticipation and shame.  Mid-shift blowjobs from sultry nurses used to be your favorite way to unwind between surgeries but those days seem to be in the past.

You desperately want to be mad at Dr. Long, but you can’t find the strength to look at him in anger.  No doubt it’s part of of the programming of the nanobots swimming around in your bloodstream; technology that YOU helped create.  Now Dr. Long owns the patents, making him a superstar surgeon and you his personal fuckdoll.  The nanos systematically robbed you of your masculinity, converting you from brilliant medical biologist to St. Hardwood’s sluttiest caregiver.

Fighting your body’s carnal needs does nothing; the longer you go without one of Mr. Long’s meat injections, the harder it is to control yourself.  Pliant flesh burns with need, desperate for fulfillment.  The last time you tried to deny yourself resulted in you begging two doctors to double team you in the lounge.  Now you obediently answer Dr. Long’s calls to temper the flames of lust that eternally burn within you.  

It used to be hard to take his bull cock like a wanton harlot but now you almost look forward to his rough touch.  His control melts your inhibitions away, forcing you to lose control as he jackhammers you again and again.  At this point, you don’t know where the old you ends and “Linda” begins.  You’ve been so thoroughly conditioned that you no longer mourn the loss of your life.  Dr. Long knows that you are his now and now it’s only a matter of time before you thank him for his aggressive decision making.


  1. love this post, a great picture and story

  2. Great cap Simone
    I'm a nurse and I never get to wear clothes like that to work.
    Tho I do wear panties often. Just not a thong

    1. Maybe someone will find you and make you into a nurse feelgood

  3. Nice sexy/dirty cap without an actual sex scene :) Love the piccie!


  4. This might be my new favorite on your blog. Great story, sexy picture, beautiful design. I love it.

    -Wes Mantooth

    1. I'm curious as to what your favorite or favorites were before this one!


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