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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Allergic | Catch Of The Day

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 Gluten free?  how about girl free?

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“Hey Charlie, hurry up with that last bucket!  I’m ready to go!”  Mark grumbled as his friend struggled with the bucket.  He had been dragging ever since they got to the coast.  A two hour car ride wasn’t ideal but it would be worth it later on when they were feasting on steamed shrimp soaked in garlic butter sauce.  “I can’t believe you’ve never had shrimp!  How do you make it through life without trying seafood???”

“My parents ...never took me…. for seafood.” Charlie wheezed, practically dragging the bucket to the car.  “My mom never made it . . .”

“Weird,” Mark said as he observed his friend.  “Lookin’ a bit shaggy, dude.  When was the last time you cut it?”  Charlie shook the thick strands of hair from his face again, blowing the stray ones.  

“I just got a cut last week.” Charlie didn’t notice the higher register he spoke in but he did notice the sudden shift in balance as he nearly dropped the bucket.  He steadied himself as more hair tickled his shoulders. He licked his thickening lips, purring as his body tingled all over.  Body mass melted away, muscles becoming slimmer and more elegant.

“Charlie?”  Mark said as his friend cooed.  His friend’s sun-baked skin morphed into a peaches and cream complexion, the faintest of pink tint underneath to making him look soft to touch.  Charlie felt a rousing burst of energy tickle his insides.  He giggled as he felt something crawl between his thighs then slurp itself into his abdomen.  The new girl sighed as the faint sensation of her old parts remained.  She stared up at Mark, doe eyes peeking out from behind messy bangs.  

“A shellfish allergy?  THAT’S why I never had seafood??”  Mark was too slack jawed to respond immediately.  However, her eyes lingered on her friend’s well defined physique.  With a wry smile, she rubbed her thighs together to keep the growing warmth under control. “But. . . I still don’t see why we can’t enjoy this meal…together.” The look in Mark’s eye told her that he agreed.


  1. Fantastic post. I love the concept.

  2. lets hope she is not allergic to (marks) nuts


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