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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"Weakness" or "I'll Take Good Care of Her"

No comments for the first caption of the week?  You all make me sad.
It's time to move onto something dark to "Draw" you in:

This was made for Jennifer (Jennifer's TG Caps of Defiance).  I showed her this image and she responded well to it.  It was a no-brainer to write the story, focusing on the theme of ownership.  The fact that she has no voice in the narrative really drives home that she's just a pawn, something owned by another.  I personally feel like the girl has the look on her face like she really messed up.

I knew the color scheme as soon as I saw the picture and as it came together I let the design feed on the comic-like look of the image.  I even used the bright Impact font to make it look like a poster or comic cover.

As always, commentary is appreciated.  See you next time.


  1. Simone casts the final roll of the dice in that story rather well as no offer from Andersonn could ever hope to match the blackmail potential! Priceless dear and yes you "drawed" me in.

  2. I saw this one in the gallery on the haven a few days ago and it blew me away. The effect of having Jennifer be so quiet and 'owned' in this one works great!

  3. Definitely nicely nasty. I know your pain with a lack of comments, it's 5 days since a comment on my site. There is such a let down when you look and find nothing again.

  4. What a wonderful picture and a fantastic story! I love the expression on Jennifer's face, you can see how conflicted she is with her father being there.

  5. I don't ever comment, but I always read your blog. Sorry for just lurking! Keep up the great caps. :D

  6. I already mentioned this on the Haven, but it was such an excellent choice to leave Jennifer voiceless in this one. Knowing she is just the pawn and toy of a man she's just given her body and soul to is decadently dark. Especially since it probably won't stop her from continuing to worship at his feet.

  7. A perfect double humiliation caption. The image is absolutely perfect for the story and the overall design is fantastic.

  8. Glad this one went over so well! I was a bit concerned considering I rarely do artwork captions. But I quite enjoyed the image and I thought it was too powerful to pass up. If I find more to use, I'll see if I can come up with some more stories.


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