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Friday, February 17, 2012

"Stress Reaction" or "Making Girl Time"

Who would love to be forced into some girl time?

Lyndee loves the struggle - being forced into femininity and not able to help herself.  She also had this image in her folder so I decided to use it.  There was a rather submissive feel to it so I went with a gentle vibe. 


  1. Aww... that has a very sweet feeling to it Simone. I'm mean sure, Lyndee is struggling against it, but her wife seems very loving in it! Love hte layout and the colors! Great Cap!

  2. Really well written caption. The combination of struggle and sweetness worked great together.

  3. Oh this is cute. I love a tiny bit of struggle, and how her language and speech patterns just kind of... melt.

  4. Another one where the expressions on the faces tell as much of a story as the cap itself. Very sweet.

  5. wow, i loved it! nice change of pace sweetie, very sweet story. :)

  6. The vibe is right, the plot seductive and your words sublime. It works better that that way, the struggle melting as she gets used to the new reality (or was it the one she really wanted deep down?).
    I'd submit to that kind of forced girl time!

    excellent stuff, Simone

    (Pet) belinda

  7. I am captured by this caption, totally. It seems to speak more than the words or the images.

    Also, I'm a sucker for hypnosis caps.


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