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Monday, February 27, 2012

"Masquerade of Corruption" or "Costume Creation"

A little dark costume fun for Lady Victoria:

I made this for Victoria a few weeks ago and posted it to Rachel's Haven, but also posted it to my tumblr first by accident.  The picture was one that I felt fit Victoria's love of corruption through transformation - the model in the image looks dangerous AND sexy.  You can't help but be drawn to her and be worried about what she might do.   Also, I decided to play with the idea of magical clothing.  It's a pretty common trope, but I haven't touched on it much.  I do enjoy it, especially when the ideas come out like this.

On another note, I wanted to point out that recently I added a page that lists the wonderful people who often assist me during the creating process.  Often times they help simply by talking shop with me via chat or they point out design elements and catch typos.  I wanted to knowledge my friends who have been a sounding board for concepts and pushed me to do make better work.  Chances are you've seen me point them out and more than likely are already fans of their work.  If not, I would like to point you towards their own blogs so you can see what type of work they create.

Also, the Rachel's Haven Caption Contest voting contest should have already started or soon will be.  I posted two entries here and here, so I would be VERY grateful if you went there and voted!  If I win, I'll see about doing some type of special caption or caption set where I let you wonderful dolls vote on the type of story. 

Until next time, dolls.


  1. loved the hair, giggle, doubt i could pull it off. lol :P Sedra.


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