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Monday, February 20, 2012

"Narcissist" or "The Girl In The Mirror"

This is one of entry to the Rachel's Haven Monthly contest (must be signed up as to the Haven web forum to view link:

If you are a member of Rachel's Haven and you enjoy this caption, I would appreciate your vote when the contest ends on Feb. 27th.  If you wish to see the competition (or enter yourself), you can see some more wonderful captions here.  I'll be posting another entry this week as well.  Until later, dolls.


  1. A wonderful retelling of the tale of Narcissus! A much happier ending this time

  2. I find this caption unbelievably sexy. I find myself first drawn to ponder the full terms of the bet, then I'm tickled by the fact that Charlie only changes because of his own weakness. It's all pulled together by the implication that Charlotte will lose control for a while and end up in Ben's bed.

    Very solid and hot cap, Simone. I'll need to remember to vote.

    1. By all means please do vote!

      I wanted to play with the conundrum this type of curse brings. A continuous cycle of transformation, lust and struggle. I think it all works out well for those involved, don't you?

  3. A hot caption, nicely told with a great background colour.

  4. loved it hun, great cap. you have my vote. huggs Sedra.

  5. Oh undeniable urges are such a fun toy to play with 3:) A masterful job on this one (even if I am incredibly late in saying so).

    -Little Bird


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