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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Never A Man" or "Eyes On The Prize"

More Sexy Goodness, this time for Realfield:

Taunting language was the theme here - I felt like I could have left the image out this time and it still would have been effective.  The picture might just might be the icing.


  1. I totally agree with what you say, the picture does add the Candy topping, but the text tells the whole story with fine style.

  2. The picture reinforces the story which is told in your unique style which works extremely well.


  3. Wow, thanks for the cameo mention :)

    I love your choice of image, the almost silhouette effect of her writhing in ecstasy whilst she gets reamed is perfectly matched to your hotly erotic story which really describes how her lust to be girl has taken over her entire existence. In three words... just simply amazing!

    1. You're welcome with the cameo. I'm trying to make a few more here and there for people!

      The image felt so dark that I had to match it with an equally dark story. It blends seduction and danger so well - it looks like there is so much pleasure but it could also be dangerous.


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