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Sunday, August 22, 2010

"You Know I Want It" or "I Hope You're Proud of What You Did"

"You're An Ass.  Now Stick It In Mine"
Smitty @ The Haven has made me some wonderful captions of late.  I started sending back some returns, but this particular one stuck out. . . for more reasons than one.

How would feel if you loved something you hated?  To love something that someone has done to you even if you know it's wrong.  To love that nasty feeling of being used, but knowing it makes you more and more a slut?  It's going to be a dark, long road and you may never return. .  . . but do you want to?

The Salem Series Of Captions

So I  made this little series of captions staring Salem over at Rachel's Haven.  The last two are supposed to be apart of a continuing series where she eventually becomes the perfect little pet, trained in every way needed to please.  I think she's well on her way to realizing her potential, don't you?

"Smokin' Hot" or "Sexy General's Warning"

I didn't listen to the Surgeon General. . ."

Something I made for fun for Dee over at Rachel's haven.  I have always loved her humor so this is just part of what i hoped would be funny for her.  Also LOVE this picture!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Subject: LYN-DEE Series

Weapon Sex Project???
"Fighting The Urges"

A little while ago I made these from picture Lyndee showed me.  I created a mini-series called Subject: LYN-DEE from them.  I posted them on Rachel's Haven for her, but I decided to Remix them and post them here for your enjoyment.  I hope you like!

[EXCLUSIVE] "Embracing The Fantasy" or "I think It's My turn Now"

"Ok, honey.  It's my turn to wear the panties in this house"

So how would it be to walk a mile in the heels of your beloved creator?  Would you let them rule you and guide you as a benevolent ruler?  Or would you rise up and take power for yourself?  I think it's safe to say what my answer is.

This would be "Nice Sasha" personality, an element of my dominant side.  Playful at first, but definitely ready to get wicked if needed.  Nothing's wrong will looking cute while striking fear into your new underlings!  The potential of dominance is there, but not so overwhelming that it will scare off new pets.  But how lovely it will be when they finally see what's behind the cotton candy veil.

"Wait till they get a load of me."

Ciao, Darlings!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Whatever It Takes" or "Always Leave a Big Tip"

Here's a nice little series I worked on for JPL over at Rachel's Haven.  I love a sexy and steamy story and our new waitress is all of that.  I'm sure she's always going to earn a big tip.

Special thanks to Mei, Lucus and Deseriee for leaving comments recently.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Double Crossed/Double Teamed" or "Tennis Anyone?"

Lost In a Sea of Seduction

JPL over at Rachel's Haven has made me some very interesting captions.  This was one of my returns for the lovely thoughts.

"No Way To Hide" or "Powerless to Change"

Lyndee over at Rachel's Haven is a marvelous girl.  And from what I've done to her, she's also a sexy one.  How would it feel to be a walking wet dream?  Would you love every moment of it?  Being desired, objectified, longed for?

Monday, August 16, 2010

[Classic Cap] "Seduction by Sasha" or "Led by the Collar"

Another Classic Cap I did at Rachel's Haven.  This one is for Jennifer @ Jennifer's TG Caps of Defiance

This idea came about after a very steamy role-play session.  At my most dominant, I have a persona known as Sasha.  She loves to dominate and control sexy little girls.  She also loves to break them and train them for their new lives as submissive little sluts.  Many of my ideas come from good role-plays or discussions I have with others.  This is one of the better ideas to come from them.

Remember, darlings, keep the comments coming.  Who doesn't love a little feedback every now and then?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

[Special Guest Cap]: moogly - "Suprise Makeover"

Hello Darlings!

I haven't put up a guest caption in a while, but this delicious story was given to me by greatgooglymoogly Over at Rachel's Haven. This one is so seductive with it's light femdom overtones.  The two most important women in Mark's life decide he needs a walk on the feminine side.  I think they did too good a job making him over!  I doubt we will ever see Mark again.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

" "Tempted To Touch" or "He's Going To Have To Share"

I admit, I have a small thing for redheads and brunettes.  And by small, I mean huge.  So I decided to make my own personal redhead cutie, Sammie.  I think she came out wonderful.  I didn't plan on keeping her, but as you can see, she came out so nice that i had to test her. . . it seems she's better than expected.

Friday, August 13, 2010

[EXCLUSIVE] "Don't Ever Give Up!!!" or "Where There's A Pussy, There's A Way"

"I can explain!! It's . . . well, it's EXACTLY what it looks like. . ."

Hello Darlings,

I've brought in another Exclusive for the weekend.  In the case here, many girls think that once they lose their manhood that some parts of their life are over.  That doesn't have to be the case.  Just as the title says, don't give up if you have a goal. . . you might find out you like things better this way!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Trophy Husband" or "Entertainment Tonight" or "Big Titted Hubby"

I admit I adore having a little lovely around to keep the nights interesting.  They have multiple uses, as Christina here shows.  I really loved writing about this sexy girl.  I hope you enjoy reading about it.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

[Classic Captions] "Those Eyes" or "Trophy Wife" and "Seduction by Ecstasy" or "Getting Her Way"

These are older captions I've done for people years ago, but they stood out.  These are mostly about the struggle of transformation.  The first ones "Those Eyes", is about the mental struggle.  How would your mind embrace femininity?

The second "Seduction by Ecstasy", is about the feeling of the change.  It's all about the transformation and this one felt delicious when i wrote it.

Just for fun, I remixed the first caption.  Which do you like best?

"Devinne Intervention" or "You Must Think I'm Cruel" Plus Bonus Cap!

Worry no more.  I'm in control.

The submissive needs the Mistress or Master.  However, there comes a time where the Master my need their pet as well. The bond between them is a journey to find the limits and also giving control to another.  So what happens when you take ultimate control?

Jennifer over at Jennifer's TG Caps of Defiance loves to lose control.  Would you be thankful or upset?  Would your Master or Mistress care?

And because I finally hit 10,000 views:  A Bonus Caption!

Party Girls Unite!

This one is also Exclusive, but it's just something I did for fun.  I always loved the picture and wanted to do something with it.  Which girl would you be, darlings?

Keep the comments up, darlings.  I'll be back with some more work soon.  Hopefully I'll have some Guest Caps to post!

Ciao, darlings.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

"A Losing Battle" or "Begging For It"

The Battle Was Lost Before It Begun.

What's your struggle?  What do you fight against?  In the case of Debbie, she struggles to keep control.  She doesn't realize she lost it the moment she grew breasts!  Now she's on the losing end of a cock. . . or is it the winning end?  In her case it might be for the best.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

[EXCLUSIVE] "The Good Life" or "Hostile Takeover"

As Promised, darlings, another exclusive caption!  I think from now on I'll be posting one to two a week, no more.  These are the ones just for here only; I won't be posting these anywhere else so if you see them, you know I didn't say so!

While many girls want to be the girl transformed by a girl, I'm the one who wants to BE the one making boys to girls!  So many pets lined up at my feet, sexy girls who used to be poor little boys!  It's haven for me!

Being changed by a girlfriend?  Sure, but I've always had different ideas about it.  I like to think we both enjoy things so much that we become femme fatales together, having our pick and choose of lovers but always loyal to each other. 

Perhaps she wants to make me her little sissy slave.  Well, if you haven't figured anything out yet, that's not going to work with me, honey!  I would imagine I turn the tables on here, either by finding empowerment with my new femininity or I outsmart her.  That's the case with this particular caption.  I've found a way to make my change work for me.  Of course, if you come out looking this hot, how could you not!

I might even have the sneaky friend who uses some kind of magic on me, of perhaps I accidentally become empowered with magic via my transformation.  Well, that's just what the mistress ordered!  Walking through life as a being of near limitless power, transforming people, becoming the ultimate trickster, transforming and enslaving boys left and right!  Oh the possibilities! 

I'm sure I'll explore these themes and so many more as time goes by.  The rabbit hole is so deep and there are so many doors I haven't opened. I DO have a softer side, so we shall see what comes of it all, won't we kiddies?

I expect I'll post again at the beginning of next week.  If I feel up to it, I might decide to post a few classic caps I made at Rachel's Haven.  Be sure to let me know what you think!

Ciao, darlings!

Special Guest Cap: Steffimarie - Movational Poster

"I have to keep him satisfied.  You understand, don't you,  honey?"

How hot is this?  When I look at this picture I can't help but imagine it's me holding her head as she goes down on that thick cock.  I would whisper something like, "See, didn't I tell you it was tasty?  Now make sure you give him eye contact, show him how much you are enjoying this.  That's it, honey!  Oh I'm so proud of you!"

Steffimarie over at Steffimariechn's Forced Femme/TG Captions made a bunch of these wonderful motivational posters.  Please go check them out because I'm sure she made something for everyone.  You might even pass The Sissy Test!

Rachel's Haven did a contest for these a little while ago and some people came up with some very creative and sexy entries.  Mei over at Bubblepop's Electric Thoughts did a whole set of sissy-related ones for the contest that tickle the imagination.  Sadly I missed out on it, but perhaps I should do my own series of motivational posters.  I'm sure I could get some little sexy girls motivated to fix their make-up and make sure the seams on their stockings are straight.  What do you think, darlings?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"Pussy Control" or "Beating The Curve"

If you're in control of yourself, then no situation is out of hand.  There may be things you can't change, but you can always adapt.  The same goes for when YOU are changed.  Follow these rules well, darlings and you might find yourself on top just like Alectra here.What do you think of here new found situation?  A change for the better?  Or MUCH better?

Oh, and as a reminder, I'll be posting an exclusive cap within two days!  I have so many ideas I want to share.  Now the question is who should I change and and how?  Oh well, I'll figure it out soon enough.

Ciao, darlings!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"Red Shoe Dairies" or "One! Two! Jimmy Choo's Coming For You!"

What woman doesn't love a sexy pair of shoes?  The right pair can feel positively magical.  For Evie at Rachel's Haven, the new shoes sent her were magical indeed.

I also want to thank those who have made comments.  They really make me want to do more captions.  When you comment, I know what you like.  I love feedback, darlings.

Monday, August 2, 2010

[EXCLUSIVE] "A Willing Prisoner" or "The Feeling of The Collar"

Another Exclusive caption for all those who wish to feel their bodies change.  Would the price to be transformed be worth it?  Could you give yourself up in exchange for the girl you wish to be?  Why don't you try on the collar and find out. . . .

Sunday, August 1, 2010

"In Too Deep" or "Wife, Mother, Queen Pen"

Sometimes, it's just a game.  Sometimes it's more.  Often we wonder how far down the rabbit hole one will go when becoming someone else.  It's always fun to put on costumes and act like a new person. . . but what if you had to BE someone else?  When does that line blur or when do you cross it.  When do you stop pretending and become a whole new you?
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