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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Benevolent Captor | Almost Ready

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Your body is ready

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All it took was a look from her from across the restaurant.  Her eyes penetrated deep down into Erik’s soul, stirring some unfamiliar compulsion.  The magnetic attraction drew him to her seat, his feet feeling weightless as he approached this dark haired beauty.  

“You will be do nicely.” she said as her fingers grazed his chin.  Without a word, Erik followed her out of the club, slipping into a cab behind her.  He worshiped her body on the way to her loft, his carnal desire fixated on only on the woman who has chosen him.  He was so enthralled with her that he barely noticed that they had ridden the elevator up to her place, already in the bed room.  She tugged at his jeans, letting them slide down once the belt was undone, and he began to help her out of the slinky dress she had wrapped herself in.

She lightly dragged her fingers across Erik’s bare abs, stirring his lust.  The erotic heat of sexual energy bubbled under the surface, but not merely for satisfaction.  Some unseen force was working underneath Erik’s skin, using his desire for sex to fuel a metamorphosis.  Everywhere her hands roamed, the heat of magic lingered, first melting away the roughness of Erik’s male flesh.  It went unnoticed until the pleasurable tingle grew too strong to ignore.

“Wha-What’s that?”  Erik murmured, his conscious mind trying to poke through the fog of lust masking his transformation.

“Hush now, lover,” the woman whispered.  “Just enjoy this experience.”  Erik only groaned in response, his body already shorter than before.  He could do little beyond stand there as her fingers explored his changing flesh, searching for the softness underneath.  Her magic reshaped his legs, hair vanishing from his skin with a simple brush of her hand.  

Her taloned fingers rose higher, massaging Erik’s cheeks and urging them to grow.  He knew something was wrong, something inside of his lust-clouded mind telling him to run.  However he ignored the warnings.  Instead, he moaned as invisible force contracted his waist.  Each breath make his abdomen shrink more and more, emphasising his thickening butt.  

Each change brought more awareness of femininity for Erik.  He felt his softer lips as his benevolent captor kissed them with her own, his skin more sensitive to the air circling around them.  Desire drowned out Erik’s fears, his tongue searching for more as his un-named lover pulled away.  “Have patience, you’ll be ready soon.”  The sorceress chided as her hands caressed the budding breasts on Erik’s chest.  

“Please, don’t. . .” Erik’s weak, mewing protests were unconvincing even to his ears.  

“Your body doesn’t say that,” the woman purred.  “Everything it says tells me you love what is happening to you.  Your resistance is cute but it’s fading as fast as your manhood.”  Erik sighed as he realized his captor was right; his will was being drained as his body turned small and supple.  He did not resist when she pulled Erik to bed and pressed her fingers against his shrinking manhood.  Her fingers brought Erik to new heights of gratification as they pushed his manhood inside his abdomen.  “Almost there, almost. . there it is. . . there is my new girl.  Erik’s mind exploded as the sorceress magically formed his new pussy, forever changing him into a new being - a feminine one.   The new woman squealed as her new mind finished shifting, her lover’s fingers drawing out the first of many sensual orgasms.  “My beautiful, delicate Erikka.  You are mine now.”  Erikka panted as the glow of contentment kept her docile and accepting to her new reality.  She did not know what else was this woman had in store for her but if was as good as this moment, then she wished to find out. 


  1. Welcome back! Happy new year! And yay!

  2. Wow wow wow, hot as Hades

    always one of my favourite captioneers my Mistress Simone

  3. wow wow wow, hot as Hades.

    You always have been and always will be one of my favourite captioneers, my Mistress Simone

    1. I'm honored you feel that way. I hope i can live up to expectations.

  4. Well, you proved that long written out "metamorphosis" captions can indeed be hot, sexy, and fun to read! When it's from your mind though, we already knew all that!

    Glad to see you popping back online with a post! People have been asking, "Where's SImone?" and I could only say, "She hasn't left. Be patient!"

    1. I wasn't aware people missed me! It's been rather quiet. But I have been around, life has conspired to keep me from captioning. It feels good to enjoy this.


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