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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Liquid Dreams | Steady Flow

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Go slow

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He was in a hurry.  Chris was always in a hurry.  Pacing the floor of the gym locker room didn’t help speed up the people in the shower.  In fact, all it did was increase Chris’ ire.  

“Stupid gym,”Christ muttered as he stared into the showers in hopes that his death-glare would will one of the patrons to leave.  “Why would they pick NOW to renovate most of the showers??”  Eventually he stomped out the locker room to go complain but he stopped in front of the women’s locker room.  Their locker room was completely closed for their renovations. . . that meant no one would be inside at this hour.  After a quick slideways glance, Christ slipped inside, shouting before walking further so as not to surprise anyone.  

“Yes, the plumbing is on!” He grinned as warm water rushed over his hands.  Chris quickly disrobed and stepped into the shower, sighing as the water rushed over his skin.  The tension in his muscles quickly drained from his body as he lathered up.  Was it his imagination or was the water scented?  It also seems more. . .soothing than the showers in the men’s locker room.  He wondered if it was some hidden perk the gym gave his female patrons.  If they were getting preferential treatment then Chris could see why the female patrons outnumbered the men here.  The water hit his skin in a steady, distinctive rhythm.  The droplets flowed over his skin like thousands of delicate fingertips massaging all Chris’ stress away.  He groaned as the soap flowed over his body, working in conjunction with the showerhead.  He would HAVE to demand they install these in the men’s bathroom as well. Perhaps even demand they offer a men’s version of the body wash. . .

He didn’t rush as he bathed his body - the shower seemed to sap any sense of time from Chris.  He was only aware of how sensitive his skin felt as the body wash rinsed away.  He licked his lips, barely noticing how plump they were compared to before.  The constant, tactile rush of heated water melted the chiseled angles from Chris, leaving toned, graceful limbs and soft, tempting flesh.  The steam fogged the shower glass as Chris’s silhouette reshaped him, but it also clouded his thoughts.  The high-strung motivations that drove the impatient man dissipated into the vapor while more pleasurable pursuits took their place.   If a simple shower could be this relaxing what would a spa massage do?  Oh those strong, powerful fingers kneading tender feminine flesh?  Oh that WOULD be nice!  

Droplets of water rolled off delectable curves, gently pulling the waist tight while leaving hips.  Thick wet gold strands clung to the neck as slender fingers worked shampoo in.  Chris was fading from Desiree’s memory, her mind thinking about the sultry bodycon dress she was going to wear to the club tonight.  Oh they would go great with her new pink heels!  She purred as her heavy breasts swung from her chest.  “Oh you girls are going to be front and center tonight!” she cooed.  “I’ll walk through the club nice and slow… twice so everyone can see you.”

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  1. From Health Club to Dance Club!

    God I could use a gym like that! I have to get changed in front of a bunch of smelly, hairy guys! If only ONE letter could change my situation .. it'd go from Planet Fitness to Planet TItness!

  2. Funny how a nice, hot shower can relax and sooth both the body AND the mind :-)

  3. Fantastic writing, Simone. This caption is hot and also quality literature. Keep up the excellent work.

    1. Thank you very much. I appreciate you taking the time to say so.


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