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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Skinship | Fun With Laundry

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What's the most fun a girl can have with her clothes off?

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I've been in a transformative mood.  I have a few stories rolling around but for now I'll just stretch my legs and get the rust off.  Bigger stories to come.  I might ask for requests soon - A little bonus for devoted visitors.  More details on that later.  I hope you enjoy!


You assumed they got mixed up with your clothes at the laundry.  Maybe they were holdovers from a former girlfriend or a weekend conquest.  Either way, they appeared in your underwear drawer, a clear contrast to your usual cotton boxers.  You ignored them at first, but you were curious about the silken garments usually forbidden to men.  After a few nights and an evening of steady drinking - you decided to venture down unfamiliar paths.  

The satin embroidery tickled as you slid them up your legs, the erotic sensation intensifying as they reached your thighs and nestled against your crotch.  The way the panties caressed your skin aroused your sensuality - It was hard not to see the allure of such pretty things.  You felt the heat of need build, warming your body and demanding satisfaction.  Yet as you slid your hand down to find relief, another reaction began.  A wave of erotic power overwhelmed you, leaving you dizzy.  Dazed, you lay helpless as the wave of pleasure brewed it’s magic.  You groaned as your waist pulled in, manhood pulling itself inside you.  Instead of pain, you felt nothing but unadulterated bliss as if your body was giving you a new way to experience sexual heights.  

Hips billowed out while your tummy pulled itself tight and smooth.  The rest of your skin followed suit, coated in a youthful glow. Soon you were flawlessly soft from head to toe, your new flesh alive with heightened sensitivity.  You cooed as your legs slid together, shapely and free from hair or blemish.  While this power worked it way down to your toes, it also demanded change from the rest of you.  The mass of your muscled chest melted away, giving way to heavy, luscious curves that matched your bottom.  Thick breasts swelled on your chest, dangling like fruit from the branch.  You moaned as they grew, trying to ignore the desire to touch them and feel their weight within your fingers.  

More mass vanished from your body as your frame reformed to give you a more pleasing shape.  Limbs turned slender, losing hard angles and muscle shape.  Eventually your face surrendered to the feminizing magic, turning a square jaw into a girlish heart.  You felt your lashes thicker around your eyes while your lips and nose tickled as they reshaped themselves.  Finally hair fell around your new face, a thick, brunette frame that reached halfway down your back.  Your new body had flooded your mind with delight, contentment. . it corrupted the masculine to convert you into accepting femininity.  You were a new person, a creature of the fair sex.

Your mind searched for a new name, one that fit this new body and it found it swirling with the thoughts of carnal pleasure and sensuality.  

“Anne is nice,” You whispered in a pleasing, musical tone.  “Anne is who I am.”  You stretched as you stood up, your body crackling with new energy.  You noticed how underdressed you were, but you decided to push that onto the backburner for now.  Girls can have a lot of fun in just their panties. 


  1. Great work! Really sensuous.

    1. Thank you, I am glad you found it appealing!

  2. Such decadent and seductive work! In my mind, this is exactly what happens each time I slip into a pair of panties like that. Now if only it REALLY happened...


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