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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Carnal Intelligence | Code Name Homunculus

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No mission is impossible for this agency

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Getting onto the property wasn’t hard; the bodysuit allowed for a multitude of options - creativity was the only limitation.  As he approached from the west end of the estate, his body flickered into view as Barry dropped the light-bending camouflage.  He couldn’t resist lightly caressing his curvaceous form as he swayed towards the basement entrance.  For some reason the nanite bodysuit preferred this body; it felt comfortable.  Barry was his most alert and seemed to have the most control over the suit’s abilities.  He had learned quickly that comfort and adaptability were necessary for using the agency’s latest toy: he had mastered the shape-shifting properties of the suit faster than all the other candidates and he had created new techniques the engineers had not anticipated.   His adaptability was the reason he had been selected for this operation.

The lock was also no problem for Barry and as he slipped inside, the tight black outfit he wore melted together around his body.  The liquid latex morphed and shifted, transforming itself into a black and sheer latex gown.  Barry had to stop for a moment, holding back a moan as he felt the tingling of fabric as it remolded itself around his feminine curves.  He braced himself as his own body shifted, hair rearranging itself into a perfectly coiffed bun.  Barry licked his lips, the familiar sensation returning to him. He had never told his superiors about how good the suit made him feel - the power and confidence.  It not only bonded to his body, but the mental connection gave the agent a surge of euphoria.  In this form, with these powers he was more than himself. There was a new fluid sensuality he had never felt before pulsing underneath the surface.  Still, it never interfered with his work.  If anything it made him focus more on the task at hand. For now, he had to make her way through the party and find his target.  

No one paid him any attention as he mingled with the guest.  He did not speak too much or too little, just enough to be a participant.  No one would see him anything more than another kinky socialite here for the festivities.  When he finally found his target, he maneuvered his way near her circle, careful to listen and observe while sipping on champagne.  A sleight of hand trick placed a pill in her flute of bubbly and in less than half an hour she excused herself to go upstairs.  He followed her up to the master bedroom, catching the woman just as she opened the door.  He laid her down on the bed, then touched the earring on her left ear.

“Clean up in the master bedroom, boys.  Package ready for pick-up.”  She examined the woman’s face, eyes moving down her form as she undressed the target.  With a bit of concentration, Barry’s features rippled as they copied the sleeping woman’s. The agent’s hands touched the target’s head, allowing him to absorb her memories and thought patterns.  His eyes fluttered as information swirled inside his mind, creating a mental image of the sleeping Baroness Vanessa Delecourt.  

The new Vanessa slipped on the originals slinky black gown, reveling in it’s sensual embrace.  By the time she had dressed herself and touched up her makeup, the knock on the door signaled that the clean up crew was here.  She let them in without a word, the men placing the unconscious woman inside a wheeled cart.  They were in and out in less than 30 seconds, leaving the new Baroness to adjust to get herself comfortable.  “Homunculus in position.  We now have eyes and ears inside the Baron’s organization.”  Vanessa whispers as she touched her earring.  Now all she had to do was wait for the Baron to come home.


  1. Started off a bit slow for me, but boy was that worth reading the whole way through. I love the spy/disguise trope, especially when the character is able to change identities fluidly and flawlessly based upon his/her needs so this one was great for that. The Homunculus call sign was an interesting touch. But that ending, loved it. Replacing the Baroness and slipping into her clothes, so sexy in my mind.

  2. Why am I only now getting around to finally reading this whole series?? What a fabulous piece of writing Simone! Have you ever considered writing a book? I'm a huge fan of thrillers/spy novels and this would make a great story. (Actually, one of my greatest fantasies is to be a Bond girl - elegant, sexy, exotic and lethal!)

    Super-great work Simone!
    Ciao! Elise

    1. I have more than a few ideas that swirl in my head about TG - themed stories. It's coming sooner than later, I only need to settle on an idea and really work on it!

      Would you like to be a Bond girl, dear? I can at least arrange it caption style, much like I did for Kendall.

      PS - of course you two dears would be the ones to comment on this bit. I'm really glad you both like it!


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