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Monday, January 12, 2015

Bucket List | The Appearance of Success

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Some things you just have to do ...

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A little fantasy CD fun.  More to come soon.

The chatter of party guest whirled around me from every direction as I paused to adjust the cream-ivory heel I’d been dangling from my painted toes.  They were such pretty shoes and I couldn’t resist how sexy they made my legs!  I paused for a moment longer to indulge my inner diva, then let my eyes wander around the room to absorb my luxurious surroundings.  Wealth and beauty intermingled all around the penthouse, many maneuvering to move in and out of powerful inner-circles.  My lips curled into a smile; my golden ticket behind the velvet ropes was a bond shared with the hostess.  I was here to do one thing; enjoy being seen as what I appeared to be - a beautiful young woman.

All night I’d fluttered around the room, mingling with whatever group that piqued my fancy.  No one gave me a second glance or questioned my being here, they simply accepted what their eyes and ears told them:  Another pretty girl to add to the mix.  It was how I wanted them to see me and I had done everything in my power to create that illusion.  My background in makeup and costuming had given me access to prosthetics that were undetectable even to touch.  Nothing but an x-ray examination would reveal the truth and I had little worry of that here.  

Of course, it wasn’t my first time in a dress - technically not even my first time in public.  I once acted as a stand-in for a particularly harrowing stunt the hostess for the party had to perform.  Sadly, I hadn’t been able to put my feminine voice to the test that day, but I was making up for it by talking to the other party guests.  All of the mannerisms I’d spent years practicing were now on display and everything had been wonderful.  

Of course, there was ONE more thing I just had to try out before the night ended.  A particularly handsome, square jawed stud had been floating in and out of the same circles as me, and we had entered into a rather intriguing game of witty exchange & double entendre.  We also kept exchanging eye contact with promises in our gaze. I eventually decided on the next go round I would let him corner me - hopefully he would offer to take me upstairs for some private time.  Then I can scratch one more “first time” off my list - the first of many more.


  1. Simone,
    Let me just say I'm so happy to see you capping again. Your writing is so evocative and seductive and this cap is no exception!

    This story certainly is the goal of every CD - well, at least it is MY goal! Lovely, sexy story and picture.

    Hopefully your return will inspire me to get off my lazy butt and creating caps again.
    Ciao! Elise

  2. Masterful authentic sounding prose as only you can pull off

  3. Mmm, I love it. The deception, the intrigue, the romance, it's just my cup of tea. Great CD caption that hits a bunch of my buttons! Great to see you putting out new work!

    1. Looking at this cap again, I don't know WHY i didn't make it for you! I'm almost certain I had you in mind when I crafted the story. Consider it yours in any case!


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