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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Now You See Me | Peek & Play

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Now you do!

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He suppressed a fit of giggles as he slid under the sheets.  She would never believe he would do this.  This would be his ultimate prank.  As Jeff waited for his roommate, he noticed how soft her bed was.

“This mattress is nice!” Jeff thought to himself.  “It’s like laying down on a cloud.  He sighed as he sank down into the soft comfort of the sheets, the comforter an inviting cocoon of relaxation.  His eyes fluttered as his body heat rose.  Jeff shuddered and arched his back, waves of pleasure making him want to melt into the sheets.  He couldn’t help but fidget as some unseen force kneaded his flesh.  

“Jeff?  Are you home?” his roommate’s voice barely reached Jeff’s ears, too enveloped within his metamorphosis.  He could only moan as his curves flowered beneath his fingertips.  

“So smooth,” he whimpered in a sweet, dulcet voice.  His hips pulsed as they grew, ass growing round and supple.  Thick, wine colored curls formed around Jeff’s softening face, the warmth of magic focusing between his thighs.  

“Jeff are you in here?” His roommate called.  Jeff only giggled in response, the feminine voice calling to him sparking arousal within his new loins.  His body twisted and turned, dainty femininity replacing rough masculinity.  Eventually,the last vestiges of his male self floated away, a dewy garden of womanhood shimmering with need.  “There you are, Jinny!”  His roommate said as the new girl peeped out from underneath the comforter, a look of carnal mischief in her eyes.  “Well if you wanted to play, I’ll join you…” both girls purred as they came together under the covers, Jinny eager to show her girlfriend what she had found in the bed.

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