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Monday, July 2, 2012

Flavor Of The Month: June

So what did you lovely girls enjoy so much this month?

Reader Top 5
  1. [Exclusive] "Wondering" or "If He ONLY Knew"
  2.  "Finding Peace" or "Stress Free Forever"
  3.  [Exclusive] "Ecstasy" or "A Conduit of Lust"
  4.  "Testimonial" or "Demonstration Model"
  5.  "GIRL'S NITE!!!" or "Returning From Vacation"

Miss Simone's Top 3

 [Exclusive] "Ecstasy" or "A Conduit of Lust"
 "No Half Measures" or "I'm Honey Now"
 "Testimonial" or "Demonstration Model"

There were not as many captions this month as before, but some of them were powerful in my eyes.  I was very surprised "Wondering" got such a big push.  It was a rather short cap and image had NO nudity.  Still it got quite a few comments from people.  It was me mainly playing with a bit of humor, but I loved that it worked out.

"Finding Peace" seemed to push a lot of buttons.  I not only got a lot of comments, but I got many people sending me IMs about it!  The soft dominance seemed to be the biggest draw.  To be honest, I expected it to be the number one cap this month.  "Ecstasy"  Was MY personal favorite form this week.  It was me playing with pure sensuality within a TG setting and I quite enjoyed writing it.  If I could have, I would have written about panel after panel, but I had to pull back to keep the writing fresh!  "Testimonial" Is the cap I think would have been number one if not for it coming so late in the month.  It was one I felt came out better than the original idea and it also resonated with a lot of people.

Girl's Nite was a fun experiment I hope to do more of.  I had a wonderful model for images and the high concept let me play with some different visuals.  Overall a fun idea for me and you the reader.

"No Half Measures" was just a personal bit I will always have a special place in my heart for.  Everything it stands for worked on levels beyond simply making captions for others to enjoy.  If I could make all my captions so personal I would.

So what were your favorites?  What about your favorites did it for you?  I can't wait to hear from you.  Until next time, dolls.


  1. Out of the caps listed here I would have to say my favorite is a toss up between "Finding Peace" and "Testimonial". The seemed to hit me hard on either end of the spectrum. One a nice soft dominating love story and the other a hard dominating... well.. love story!

    A couple that weren't listed here that I really enjoyed were "Regret" which I thought showed a very sweet moment of sissy realization and "Personal Assistance" which just smashed my sissy secretary fantasy button!

  2. Finding peace was my favorite but a bit of soft dom always gets a nod here.

  3. anything you right makes my little clitty hard and my new titties erect I love them all Mistress now let me eat you I'm your most loyal sissy!!!!

  4. Very biased this month *laughs* so going to list three Caps that stood out that do not involve me melting into a puddle of goo at your gracious gifts.

    Personal Assistance...The Layout, the Fantasy of a Strong Master taking you and molding you into their ideal pet, and that bringing you to life in color and vibrance with your own grateful servitude. Winner.

    Ectasy...For taking a fantasy that doesn't usually ring my bell and making it a sensual temptation with excellent writing. Evidently good writing will make me consider and fantasize deliciously naughty things.

    Testimonial...I love verbal Pets and the whole business seminar setup tickled me. And the girl thaat was the Pet. I had a whole backstory in my head once I saw that image that she took pride in her new appearance...the tan, the dress, the whole look.

    A little vain and proud of her new girlhood, so that added to the Cap for me, in my own head.


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