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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Too Late | Anticipating The Unknown

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It's over before you know it . . .

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Hello lovelies.  I know I've been away for a few weeks but I couldn't resist this warm weather to take some vacation time!  But this will be a quick start up.  I hope you are enjoying your summer!

It was too late for him now: Jon couldn’t believe he had fallen for the old enchanted panties disguised as boxers maneuver.  A classic witch hex if he had ever seen one, but she had someone switched a pair of his own.

“Clever girl,” Jon whispers, feeling his body rapidly morphing.  “best I’ve ever seen.”  He could feel the heft of his blossoming breasts as he wondered how long he had now.  The panties were growing tighter by the second as his rump became lusher underneath him.  Every breath was like a blessing of pleasure, building arousal within Jon’s heart.  His skin was already vibrant, youthful and tight.  Even worse, Jon could feel the creep of magic trying to corrupt his thoughts.  He giggled as long brunette tresses tickled his back, the gentle caress of magical energy binding itself to his body and remaking him into something utterly feminine.  “One less paranormal investigator for the force.” Jon mused in a sultry voice.  He had no idea what his wicked perpetrator had in store for him but he felt no fear in his heart.  Only anticipation . . .


  1. Great use of the image as always, Simone! Simple transformation caps always tickle my fancy

    1. I wanted to keep this one short and sweet. .. the impact was meant to be all in the transformation itself.

  2. Hi Simone! I'm here just to let you know how I love ur captions and your way to tell stories, just suggestive and never, original and never too pushed on the "physical" side of the transformation; just like I love!! Love this one as well as the others.
    If you have time and you want, check my blog too...I'm just starting now in captioning, thus if you have comments, advices or any tips...please feel free to!
    Anyway, again my congrats, continue in this way...I'm truly falling in love for your works!

    ps. I add you at my favourites, of course, how couldn't I? :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I took a look at your blog and I see you enjoy slow transformations. I'm sure you'll find an audience for it. I sometimes slip between the sensual and the physical stories but I know there is plenty that you'll enjoy as well.

    2. Exactly, I usually prefer stories about slow change or, at least on mental change; even though sometimes my "naughty" side comes up and I enjoy a lot also more erotic stories as well as yours! Anyway thank you very much for your feedback, I hope to improve my works through time.
      ps. I've just commented on your google account wondering you to see my caps...Lol, I probably seem like some kind of stalker or something hahaha, but I haven't already read your reply here! I do my apology for this!

      a big kiss,

  3. Hi Simone fantastic picture and storry and in serious times the panties looks so much better than silly boxers...

  4. Love the concept and the writing, very descriptive.


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