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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Shared Interests | Making Him Over

It's important for a "husband" and wife to enjoy the same things...


I know I shouldn’t do it, but I can’t help myself.  I’ve always had a weakness for pretty boys so it was only natural that my husband look good in a dress. He’s come a LONG way since the first time I urged him to wear my panties “for fun.”  I got him to admit that he loved the sensation of silk caressing his cockette and cute little bum!  

He was so precious the first time I made him wear heels; my baby took his first wobbly steps in a pair of pink Louis Vuitton open toes I bought just for him.  He stumbled a few times but when I saw how easily he learned to navigate those 5 inch beauties I knew he was the one for me!  Ever since that day I’ve been urging him closer and closer to femininity.   

It only took a little urging to get him to learn makeup; the way I pounced on him when he made himself pretty for me was more than enough motivation.   We shared skin care regimen until his skin was as smooth and soft as mine!  After a year of dating, we were doing each other’s nails while chatting about fashion like two girlfriends!  

After I proposed to him, I had him start on hormones and quit his job.  I didn’t want my pretty hubby working some silly job - I only wanted him worrying about being my pretty wife!  He was a little apprehensive but his fears were silenced by the development of his breasts and hips.  We both loved their sensitivity when we made love, especially when I used my toys on him.  

These days no one mistakes my hubby for a boy - he’s as feminine as any other girl and I love him all the more for it.  Tonight I’m going to introduce him to another friend of mine.  My lover Tony is a real studly Alpha guy who provides special services to girls like me.  He’s going to LOVE my sweet hubby and I just know she’s ready to please her first man.  I’ve been training her with my toys for over two years and I couldn’t be prouder.  She doesn’t know it but tonight is a new step in our relationship.  I hope I can hold it together until then - I can barely concentrate on his hair!


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