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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Swan Sister | Envy Of Success

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There is always a swan and an ugly duckling in every family . . . .

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This is one of those times when the story idea came before the image.  I had a general idea of the type of image I wanted but I mostly knew how the story was going to go.  I actually made two version of this caption - the second one is a three panel version using more images from the set (seen below the transcript).  I'll post them below.  I preferred the single panel for the visual dynamics of the source picture.  I loved the images used for the 3-panel version because they fit so well but I thought the panels were a little static.  Either way, I enjoyed writing the story itself. 


I love him, really I do.  I could never ask for a sweeter, more understanding brother.  

But I’m totally jealous of him.

It’s hard being the “ugly duckling” of the family when my brother is a freaking model!  I mean it’s easy to see WHY - I mean, look at him!  He’s gorgeous!  The big sister part of me is proud of how pretty he’s become.  He was such a shy little thing when we were kids -  Terrified the first time I dressed him up and put makeup on him, but he quickly learned to love it!  We were the best of friends as kids and he always said he wanted to be like me.  How can you NOT love it when your sibling looks up to you?

Still, the woman in me can’t help but look upon him with envy.  He took to femininity and flourished within it.  Even BEFORE his modeling contract I got NO attention when I went out with him!  All the guys fawned all over my pretty brother . . . and I’m not bad looking!  EVERYONE immediately comments on how similar we look when they see us together but HE’S living the dream life EVERY girl dreams of!  My beautiful baby brother’s instagram feed is full of pictures from Paris, Milan, Rome, New York, Tokyo.  He stays in lavish five-star hotels and is waited on hand and foot.  Most of all, his closets are stuffed with the top designers - some of it especially made for him!  Sigh. . .

And the circles he runs in - it’s enough to make me scream!  Sure I date handsome men with ambition and success but my gorgeous brother dates billionaires, entertainers and athletes!  Lately he’s been escorted around Europe by a stud soccer megastar who’s completely smitten.  I can tell it’s getting serious between them too. . .  I might have to be maid of honor at my own brother’s wedding.  No doubt some designer will specially make his dress and he’ll just glow as daddy walks him down the aisle.  Can you believe it?

I suppose being the sister of a fashion model has it’s perks.  I mean, I DO get to raid his closet (my god the shoes!) and he’s introduced me to a few millionaires. . . it could be so much worse. . . but it’s hard sitting on the side of the stage when your brother is in the spotlight.  I DO feel guilty about it, but I’m only human … right? 

Part One

Part two

Part Three


  1. I would have to agree with you for the most part.

    The story, as written, fits best with that first picture, as the facial expressions match the tone of the story. However, the 3 panel one does give the words a bit more room to breathe.

    If I hadn't seen the other one, I'd have thought either one was good, and I'm still not sure which one I really prefer!

    1. I have gone back and forth on it and I am glad I posted both versions. The single panel is just a great fit and the dynamics of the image are more fun visually. The 3 panel is just fun with the images (more images is usually a good thing). But I thought it also showed another peek behind the curtain.

  2. fantastic story Simone... 'm sure they may at any time at his huge closet ;)

  3. I agree with you and Dee, the single panel I think works better. As a whole, it's a pretty simple concept, but you still managed to convey your story quite well. I would've preferred a little spice to it, you know me, always up for some naughty fun, but still a good read over all!

    1. If I had made this for you, it certainly would have had some more spice to it! It was meant to be more tongue-in-cheek than most.

      Speaking of naughty fun, I still have to find something wicked to make for you.


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