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Sunday, March 18, 2012

"Think It Over" or "Bestest Friends!"

Mina thought she could escape.  We all know that never happens:


  1. Squirm...

    Great use of the picture to paint a sissy sweet image with dark undertones.

    I love the use of punishment and reward to make the sissies self policing, although who knows which is really worse...

    This reminds me of my Smitty's Sissies caps, but not in a derivative way, just in that it hits the same buttons for me.

  2. Wonderful story telling Simone! I agree with smitty that it has a certain squirmtastic feeling to have a sissy tell you how much fun it will be to be just like her!

  3. I really enjoy this captions. Daddy issues ahoy! http://bubblepopmei.blogspot.ca/

  4. Oh wow! two delicate sweet sissies seeing to each is self olicing each other to serve daddykins to avoid his punishment but hey the rewards are so great!
    Every button pressed here!

    Rgds belinda (pet)


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