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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"Girly Points" or "Laurie's Birthday Gift"

Another caption done for Steffimarie, this time as a birthday treat for her!

I wasn't able to get this to her before her birthday, but I wanted to do something honoring it (There's another birthday girl I'll have to do something for and she knows who she is ;) ).  I decided to revisit the ideas used in a caption called "The Point System" I made years ago.  I've always liked that idea and I've wanted to use it again, so I think I'll be using it as a semi-series for girls who are in need of a strict system of discipline.  Until next time, dolls.

P.S. - Vote for my captions!


  1. How completely darling! Such a cute, lovely cap!

  2. Great cap! Love the story and picture. Steffi is adorable.

  3. Steffi looks so pretty, she's gonna be a runner for homecoming queen. I love the points system idea!

  4. Loved the details in this, in regards to how points were earned. The design and pic help give it a warm sweet feeling that I enjoyed.


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