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Monday, March 5, 2012

"Highly Adaptable" or "Whatever It Takes"

This was born out of an Role-play session:

I don't Role-play much these days but every so often something from it sparks an idea.  Jeannie from the haven loved racial changes within her stories and even more loves body swaps where she's forced to deal with someone else's life.  This was a spark from a role-play session and I tried to make it come to life thru a caption. 

Playing with someone else's life can be an interesting concept.  I have such a love/hate relationship with body swap stories because I love the appeal to them but often don't like the identity thief trope.  Played for fantasy it can have an appeal, especially when the thief gets it in the end.  This wasn't written with that in mind - it was meant for the immersion into an experience along with the fantasy of acceptance.  That part of the role reversal often has a definite appeal.

 Also, just an little reminder to vote for my captions at Rachel's Haven for the caption contest. Until next time, dolls


  1. Simone, they style and elegance of your captions is wonderful, but the stories themselves are NOT compromised.

  2. hun, i have to agree with Anne, just love your work. hugs, Sedra.

  3. Stylish and enjoyable even though i'm not normally a one for bodyswap stories because Your story works so well


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