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Friday, March 2, 2012

"Status Quo" or "Celebration of Service"

For those of you who like to serve, I made this one for Sarinedavis aka Belladonna, one of my favorite writers on Fictionmania.

I did a set of captions experimenting with things I learned from observing Caitlyn and some things I learned from Victoria.  This was one of the captions out of that experimentation and I quite like the ascetics.  It allows me to do a few things with images when I have to "hide" imperfections in images.  This particular one didn't need anything done to it, but it's a favorite that I've wanted to caption for a while now.  Belladonna's preferences fit it, but I had to craft a story within it.  Because of who it was for, I would have preferred doing a longer story but space was an issue.  This was definitely an instance where space dictated the story itself.

 On another note - for some reason the Haven Caption Contest voting was reset, so if you can, please re-vote for me.  If you are a member of Rachel's Haven and haven't voted I would still appreciate the support!  Until next time dolls.


  1. Really nicely put together and what a lovely description of their family life

  2. I didn't see a report or anything that the contest voting had been reset. Can you send me a PM with details? Have you already spoken to another Admin about it? I know that Bren is usually the admin that oversees contests, and she is pretty vigilant about reporting any discrepencies to the other admins.

    I usually love your caption design, and this one is tremendous, but I thnk you'd have been able to get a bit more story in the caption (like you mentioned you wanted to) by shrinking the title down some, sliding the picture over to the right where the bigger title was, and filling in some of the blank yellow space to the left of the picture with another paragraph box.

  3. Grumble grumble, not only do I have this picture in the cue for captioning, I was also planning on essentially the exact same plot. Curse you for getting to it before I did. Ah well, it is a very nice caption, I will merely have to try harder when I get around to captioning this image.

    1. It's happened many a time to me as well. I have a great idea in my head for a picture and end up putting it on the backburner for later. Great minds often think alike.

  4. A whole new life and doesn't it sound good!
    *Just dashes at double speed with the dust pan and brush


  5. I told you before how much I loved this but wanted to also mention the exquisite framing you did with the face of the maid above the title and the story and picture arranged to draw you inwards into the reveal of the woman in the mirror.


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