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Monday, February 1, 2016

Vanity Game | Trained For The New Role

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This is a game worth playing

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“Amber, your date will be here any minute.  You don’t want to keep him waiting.”  Amber sighed at the sound of her mother’s voice, never taking her eyes off her reflection.

“He’s not my date, mother!” Amber yelled back.  “Just because I’m going out with him doesn’t mean I’ll let him bring me home!  I might meet someone cuter!”  She slowly dragged the brush across her cheek, adding a hint of color to her face.  “If he wants to take me out, then he better wait,”  She said to her reflection, voice trailing off as she tilted her head to the side.  “I’m Amber Kingsley and I’m a sexy bitch.”  The words left the girl’s pink lips as a whispered chant, eyes glazing over as she continued getting ready. The little mantra always relaxed her and gave her credence.  “I’m a hot, sexy bitch and everyone knows it.”  More confidence was behind her words, a sly smile playing across her lips.   From outside the room, Amber’s mother smiled as she listened to her daughter, happy to know the suggestion was taking root within her mind.   

It was a tricky process, creating a replacement daughter from the shell of a boy.  They had to expose their subject to just the right amount of hypnotic suggestion.  Too much and they would have an empty-headed doll with no thought of her own.  Too little and the poor thing would rebel.  The original Amber had selected the right subject; slender, feminine bone structure and no family to come looking for him.  She had wrapped her subject around her finger, subtlely training him to take her place by involving him in dress up games.  The clothing came first, followed by makeup and voice lessons.  The poor boy never saw it coming when she started him on hormones.  Mrs. Kingsley encouraged it all, telling the boy to call her mother and treating him just like her own daughter.  

“You’re a sexy bitch,” the original Amber told her protege.  “Just like me.”

Once they indoctrinated him into their lives, they moved on to the next step.  They encouraged him to act more like the spoiled Amber, slowly corrupting his personality until he was as bratty as his idol.  The new Amber talked badly to the maids, assumed everyone was checking her out, and was completely enraptured by her own beauty.  The more of Amber’s traits she adopted, the more the original Amber pulled away.  The hypnosis tracks running under her music cemented the new Amber’s persona, her mind feeling like SHE should be the real Amber.  In her mind, the original was right to get out of the picture - there was only room for ONE Amber and she would be it.   

The former Amber could be anywhere now that her replacement had assumed her life.  Mrs. Kingsley had the daughter of her dreams; a sexy, narcissistic, spoiled rich girl who flaunted her looks and got whatever she wanted.  A little trip overseas to the doctor made sure Amber was all girl and she was now eager to start dating.  She had no shortage of men vying for her attention, and she would have fun with them all until she found the right man to keep her in the lifestyle she was accustomed.  She was a sexy bitch, after all, and she deserved the best.  

Note - Special thanks to  SamanthaDWolfe  for posting a link to my blog on a subriddit.  Some of you girls might find it a wonderful place.  I'm tempting to sign up myself.


  1. There's definitely something about the appalling narcissism Amber displays that actually becomes appealing. I especially love the bit about how just because she's going out with a particular boy doesn't mean she'll come home with him since she might find someone cuter!

    1. There's this dual appeal to this. It's so wrong, yet so very alluring at the same time. No one should be so dismissive but to be able to pull it off. . . mmmmmm

  2. Very intriguing n undecisive


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