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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Double Down | Playing It Close To The Chest [Explicit]

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Time to pay all bets.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

“See?  I’m not so bad,” Simone purred into the blonde’s ear as her fingers continued to tease.  “I told you that I was going to make every moment as Candy a pleasure, and I’ve been true to my word.”  If Candy could have spoken, she would have agreed with her, yet all she could focus on was the slippery fingers probing her.  “I sculpted all of your rough edges away and re-shaped you into something petite and pretty.  This beautiful pussy that my fingers are inside?  I gave it to you after I stole your cock.  I eroded your inhibitions and forced you to become the little bimbo you were too afraid to be.  The little bimbo you WANTED to be.”  The sweet dulcet words from Simone’s full lips dug deep into Candy, making her remember all she had experienced.  She remembered feeling Simone’s fingers molding her like clay, using her masculine flesh to create someone soft, smooth and feminine.  The tingle as her curves formed from muscle, her frame shrinking until she had to look up to the dark beauty.  

“Didn’t you like all the clubbing we did?  All the wonderful attention you got wearing your skimpy outfits as people ogled you?  How many debaucherous things did you do in the name of carnal delight?  Didn’t you follow that man into the bathroom and blow him while his wife waited?  What about the time you let those studs spit-roast you in VIP?  Well, not like you had a choice… you’re so tiny compared to them.  You couldn’t have stopped even if you tried.”  Candy nodded, whimpering as she thrust towards Simone’s fingers, desperately wanting more.  She had done all of those things and more - and knowing this made her both embarrassed and horny.  Simone’s spells had corrupted her, removed her inhibitions and left her extremely malleable.  A few simple whispers were all it took to break through Candy’s old masculine barriers.  The part of her that was still Jeff vainly tried to fight Simone’s influence, but the desires of her body were too strong.  It felt so good to give in and be a slut.  Every time she let herself be used, Candy felt so naughty and alive!  It was a constant cycle of arousal, shame and sexual depravity.  

“You’ve had so much fun, my dear.  You’ve licked pussies, fucked and sucked cocks and you’ve been twisted in so many positions that it’s clear you are a born slut.  I’m proud of you.  I’ve enjoyed having such a talented fucktoy, but it’s time to complete the ritual.  I’ve given you so much, darling, so it’s time for the debt to be paid.” Candy had known this moment would come.  A wish granted, a bargain struck - the price for her time as a woman was Simone’s to name.  She had always known, and yet she had hoped for a way out.  “The price for such magic is high, my little toy.  Something must be given in exchange for such delight.  But don’t worry… you’ll still be beautiful, still a part of me.”  Candy’s breathing was louder, more labored.  The cauldron of erotic pleasure was stirring inside her abdomen, spreading from her loins until her entire body was slick with sweat.  The sensations were dizzying, her mind stretching as it tried to comprehend the building wave of her impending orgasm.  Everything was so light, so fluid.  “Say the word and surrender.. give in, seal the bargain and you’ll always be part of me.”

“Yes.” the single word floated from her pink lips, the rush from reaching her peak exploding… Candy rode the wave, her body pressing closer against the wicked enchantress.  She did not know when her warmth ended and Simone’s began.  It all felt the same; like joy and safety.  Everything was joy, a steady pulsing rhythm - lusty flesh.  Candy was content as Simone caressed her new form. . .

True to her word, Simone kept Candy as part of her; a part of her she had great pride in.  Every time she cradled her breasts, Simone felt Candy’s essence within them.  The little bimbo was still very aware, her voice within Simone’s mind completely enraptured by being a vessel of pleasure for her mistress. She loved being nestled inside silky bras and skimpy swimsuits, but she was most happy when Simone’s lovers fondled her.  Her own lusty desires enhanced both Simone’s power and beauty and in turn, Simone continued to tease the girl who was now part of her.

“Lovely as a girl and even lovelier as tits.  Bet you wouldn’t have it any other way, would you?” Simone’s breasts quivered in total agreement. 


  1. Great cap! I'm sure Candy is quite happy!

  2. Wonderful to have Mistress Simone reappear and weave her magic around another willing participant. Wonderfully sexy!

    1. glad to know my captions are appreciated, thank you!

  3. Truly *wriggle* worthy as you seem so gifted at, amoungst so many other things Miss Simone. <3

    Sexy, devious & oh so tantalizing! Thanks. <3

  4. Very nicely done, as wood be nice in real time. Giggles. Me being TS on HRT myself. As well as have transitioned 13 plus years. It's like this time round, no way back for me, as my boobs n OBGYN upping my estradiol levels tip the max. I love having my nips speaking to me every morning. Haha, it's killer, sometimes I think I'd be happier on my knees, than driving truck. But live n high hopes, for me. Love to lose some of my inhibitions, how relaxing a thought.

    Love the blog, as well as very gifted talent. ThankU

  5. Heavenly desires

  6. Astounding. My favorite caption across many sites. Just, perfect.

  7. Great absorption caps! Make another one please! <3


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