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Monday, January 25, 2016

Trendsetters | Femme Friends Forever

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Girls share everything. . .

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“See how he looked back,” Marissa told Terri.  “See his smile?  He liked you, you know.  Boys like pretty girls.  That’s what you are now.”  Terri blushed at Marissa’s proclamation, unable to deny it.  Her fingers were soft and slender, tipped with delicately rounded fingernails in the same color as Marissa’s.  Terri’s pale skin was just as smooth and creamy as her friend’s, smelling of the same vanilla and strawberry-scented lotion.   Their dresses were coordinated in the same style, different colors that complimented each other.  To add to the look, both wore open-toed heels to show off immaculate pedicures.   Seeing how well they matched made Terri happy, but there was still part of her that wished it wasn’t so true.  

Marissa’s infectious positivity was hard to deny: Her syrupy sweet voice and friendly disposition always helped Marissa get her way.  “You’ve been such a good friend since Chrissy moved away and you don’t know how much that means to me.”  Marissa’s sincere words were a bit of a barb for Terri; part of her still longed for more than friendship, but she would never be anything more than Marissa’s BFF.  

Perhaps she had never seen Terri as anything more than a friend.  All the time listening to Marissa pour her heart out had brought them closer, but not in the way she had intended.  Before, she had been Martin - a classmate and one of Marissa’s many admirers. The girl talk and shopping trips were easy to deal with if it meant more time with his crush.  Watching rom-coms and listening to her fawn over the actors was a bit much however.  If he had stopped things there, he might have had a chance.  Instead, he let her paint his face and curl his hair, just like Chrissy used to do.  Then she convinced him to get his ears pierced.  Soon he was reading up on the latest styles so he could keep up with Marissa’s fashion talk.  She picked out more and more of his clothing, tilting him to a more androgynous look.  She bought him a bag that looked suspiciously like a purse but he carried it around to spare her feelings.  When he tried to protest against wearing cosmetics to school, she somehow convinced him that he looked better with glossy lips and thick eyelashes.

There was no objection Marissa’s charm could not overcome.  By the time she took him to the salon and waxed his legs, Martin stopped complaining.  He even adopted her health smoothie habit along with her weekly aerobic classes.  Shortly after, his body started losing muscle definition and developed supple softness around the chest and rump.  Marissa’s solution to this was a bra.  Martin, of course, did not object.  In the months after, Martin’s curves had only grown thicker.  

Now, Martin no longer wore pants and he was never caught without makeup.  He coordinated his dresses and skirts with Marissa and they had a standing weekly appointment at the salon.  Marrisa even held Martin’s hand the day he changed his name to Terri.
“You know, sweetie, it’s time you got a boyfriend,” Marissa whispered.  “Johnny has been asking about you and I think you two would make a cute couple!  We could go out on a double date and I could totally help you out!  Of course we’ll have to buy new outfits and go to the salon again, but that’s NEVER a bad thing.  You think it’s a good idea, don’t you?”  Terri nodded with a smile: of course she would do it.  Her BFF thought it was best, after all.  Friends should do everything together.


  1. I ADORE this cap Simone! The idea of reluctantly being turned into a pretty girl by a girl that I'm in love with, all without malice or meanness.... SWOON!

    1. Good to know when something pushes a button for you, dear. It usually means I did something right!

    2. Definitely. Love having my buttons pushed. Use to question alot of things. But happier is always best.

  2. Buying new outfits is never a bad thing! Oh what fun it would be to have a BFF like this!

    1. We will just have to go shopping won't we, dear?

    2. I'd be loving life, as wood make life more meaningful

  3. It's what I strive for. Rather enjoyed it thankU for sharing your minds thoughts, as do I rather love the captions written below. Very thoughtful, as well as brilliant really, as being on two phones, works very friendly phone oriented blog.

    As do I love going to the salon, just recently had my eyebrows waxed n laughed about it all three way home, as tweezing is so overrated haha. So keep thinking I'd be happier getting nail tech license myself, as was trying to just finish year out, as totally disgusted with trucking. Sometimes I think how I ever did it all these years. Not sure why I feel that way now. But it's becoming an issue for me in real world. As do I find I'm wanting to get double piercings in ears, as have mine pierced already.

    Rather think about cock n looking hot for it, way more than I use to. As do I have one GF that we ate friends now. Think asst one time, she wanted more, but I put a stop to that n told her about myself. We trade pics now haha. It's cute as do I find the relationship better as friends


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