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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Night Out With The Boys | New Year, New You

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 Out with the old. . .

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Nate had watched all of them enter the lobby at different times.  They each clasped each other like the old friends they were, laughing about old times and catching up on new ones.  They all looked so dashing in their suits, casually sipping on whiskey while cigars burned between their fingers.  He waited quite some time before he decided to join them; partly for effect but mainly because vanity demanded an entrance.  He had worked hard on his appearance and he wanted to enjoy the full effect.   The echo of his magenta heels announced him before he made his way across the hotel lobby, catching the attention of his three friends.

“Hello, Miss” Mark said first.  Nate smiled at his friend, satisfied there was no recognition in his eyes.  

“Hello, Sailor.”  Nate’s practiced alto came with ease from his painted lips.  He had practiced the buttery smooth tone so much it was hard to speak as a male anymore.  “Don’t you recognize me?”  He placed his hand on his hip, pushed to one side in a sassy pose.  The three men exchanged bewildered glances.  “I told you boys I had a surprise for you, so here I am.”  One by one their expressions shifted from confusion to shock, Nate beamed with delight.

“N-nate?”  Mark said, slowly walking around his beautiful friend. “There’s no way.”

“There is absolutely a way as you can see for yourself.”

“But how?”

“Details can be exchanged another time.  Right now, I want to have fun with you boys like we always do every year.  So are you boys going to keep staring all slack-jawed or are you going to show a girl a good time?”  It was Mark who offered his arm first and Nate slid his arm into his friend’s crook.   He escorted Nate out to the sidewalk while to wait for the car.

“So what else has changed?” Mark whispered to the beauty.

“A few things, like my name.  Serena feels like it fits better when I look like this.  The rest - well, you’ll just have to stick around and find out.”

“Oh, believe me, I intend to.”  They let the others get into the car, then Mark held Serena’s hand as she got in.  Mark had made it clear he had no problems with the new her.  Based on the looks from the others, they were just as spellbound.  If things went well tonight, Serena might be seeing more of them.  She hoped to be seeing more of one boy in particular.


  1. What good fun! Of course she wants to make an entrance...who wouldn't if they looked that good!

  2. As will as can only imagine the fun to be had, with 3 guys.


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