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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Street Smart | Charmwood Street

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 Do you know the way to Charmwood?

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Maybe if Jeff had been paying attention, he might have noticed the ominous fog from a few blocks away.  The ethereal shroud tried to steer him away, but he passed through harmlessly as he fiddled with his phone.  While iron vines coiled around the Charmwood Street archway, Jeff anguished over his high score.  He didn’t notice the pointy ears on the purple-haired girl wearing a patched leather jacket, nor did he spot the street signs rearranging their letters. Jeff ventured deeper into the neighborhood, oblivious to the pulsing sentience trying to communicate with him.   Water gurgled words from the park fountain and steam from street vents formed faint letters as he passed.  However, it was the bellowing voice of the wind that caught his attention.

“You walk my streets, bypassing my gates,” the voice said.  Jeff whipped his head around, confused.  “I jump from city to city, country to country, collecting those who are a little different.  Yet you passed through my fog so you must have something special about you...”  Before Jeff could gather up any kind of response, he shuddered as tendrils of astral energy peeled away at his thoughts, digging through his subconscious, searching long-repressed ideas, memories and fantasies.  “Well, that explains so much!  Yes, I can fix that...”

Jeff moaned again as the ghostly entity caressed the rest of his mind, rapidly weaving new thoughts and stitching them in with the old.  He reached up as his head tingled, running his hand through thickening hair in order to feel the magical tingle under the scalp.  Warm energy spread, drawing a throaty purr from plump lips.  Thousands of invisible fingers walked across his skin, overwhelming Jeff’s senses.  The world spun while his flesh softened, undoing the delicate stitching that tied Jeff to the world.  The wind swirled around him, causing goosebumps on fresh, milky skin.  Unseen hands ruffled underneath the surface, rearranging his insides as well as his outsides.  Pressure deliciously pulled on his hips while pushing out the chest.  It pulsed and pulsed, drawing the waist inward and pushing out the bust until a delightful pop reshaped Jeff’s torso into a curvy hourglass.  

His lashes fluttered as he recovered.  His fingers touched between his legs but  only found emptiness… something within the new creature gave him ease...Jeff was no more, someone else in his place, different yet the same.  Stitched from Jeff’s masculine shell and woven into someone exquisitely beautiful.  The former Jeff smiled, searching her thoughts.  The vibrant energy throbbed under the surface, connecting her to this neighborhood and empowering her as one of it’s vanguards.  She paused, smiling at a tiny nugget of knowledge.  

“Jinx” she whispered.  “I am Jinx!”

“Indeed” said the breeze.  “A trick or two is what you’ll do, finding more to walk these streets.  Now go!  Lots to do for a nymph like you...”  The breeze died down, it’s work done.  Jinx giggled as she skipped down the street.  There WAS much to do for a GIRL like her… and she was thinking of so many ways to do them!

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  1. ooh, I hope this becomes the basis for an ongoing series as Jinx finds new victims, er people to share this gift with :)


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