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Monday, December 28, 2015

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“Look me in the eye, Felicia.”  The diminutive doll of a girl trembled as Samantha spoke, fighting the urge to avoid the taller woman’s gaze.  “Not so hard, is it, little one?”  Samantha’s arrogant smirk played across her painted lips as she towered over Felicia, steely eyes assessing the frightened girl like cattle.  “I never believed it would be so amusing to see you this way, but I find I enjoy it more and more each day.”

“Y-yes ma’am - er, I mean, Professor.”  Felicia’s breathy soprano rattled when she spoke, always fearful that she would flub something.  Samantha didn’t let mistakes go easily - more than once she had found herself on her boss’s lap, squirming from another spanking.  Each punishment touched something deep within Felicia, arousing the pretty thing while simultaneously making her blush with embarrassment.  Samantha’s influence on the girl was so absolute that Felicia had long stopped dreaming of escape.  The invisible leash around her neck was firm; choking out any thoughts of rebellion.

The old Felix wouldn’t have tolerated all the humiliating ways Samantha found to toy with Felicia.   But that confidence was gone - sapped away by the experiment they were working on.  It had slowly eroded his backbone the same as it has syphoned off his masculinity.  It had taken weeks for Felix to notice the changes - he had been too busy with his own work to notice his slim arms and softening skin.  He hadn’t noticed that he looked up to Samantha instead of down or that his hair was rapidly growing.  Felix only noticed the changes when they affected his work.

Concepts that should have been simple had become difficult to comprehend.  Common problems he had dealt with time and again started to stump him.  The rapid fog over his mind confused the man, breaking him down bit by bit.  He had no choice but to turn to his lovely girlfriend and colleague for assistance.  Samantha took the lead in their work, searching for a solution to Felix’s problems.  As his condition continued to deteriorate, Samantha’s physique gained grace, power and beauty.  Her mind sharpened as Felix turned more useless in the laboratory.  Eventually, Samantha discovered the source of her sudden gains in intellect and beauty and she had decided only to accelerate and focus them.  She robbed Felix of his skills and knowledge, leaving behind the mind of a simpering, shy, submissive toy.  Samantha used all her newfound knowledge to wrap Felix inside the shell of a beautiful, tiny porcelain doll.

Little Felicia spent her days in Samantha’s new penthouse now, mainly painting her nails and keeping herself pretty.  She wished she didn’t spend all day in the mirror like a vain little thing but she couldn’t break the compulsions Samantha programmed into her.  Her mind and personality had been cast into a new mold - one that forced her to be the air-headed girl she appeared to be.  Compulsions made her check her makeup constantly, brush her hair, and filled her with compulsions to obey Samantha.  She lived in fear of her former girlfriend - but still carried a torch for her.  But perhaps the hardest part to swallow is that Felicia had a hand in her own cage.  She had opened the door to her own femininity and now she had no way of trying to go back.


  1. Damn! An entrapment only you could have written up, and one that no one could possibly have escaped!

    Glad you are gracing us with your presence again. The parting is agony, but the return never disappoints!

  2. Wonderful choice of picture and an inspired caption as a result! Welcome back!


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