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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Emerge | Feminine Ease

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A butterfly flaps her wings. . .

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It was so easy.  Slip the dress on and the delicate fabric sparks all those delicious feminine feelings hiding just below the surface.  Letting the flirty hem flutter along freshly shaven legs.  Releasing her hair from the scrunchie and softly brushing it straight.   Each part of the process shed a little more of the boy, submerging underneath the beauty of femininity.  

She could try to question it, but the truth was really quite simple; she loved being a girl.  She loved being pretty and delicate, all wrapped in sensual fabrics.  The delights of femininity were as alluring now as they had been the first time.  The lovely rhythmic clicking of her heels as she minced made Erin smile every time the sound touched her ears.  She never missed an opportunity to wear them - the way they arched her feet and forced her to alter her step served as another reminder of her desire to be feminine.  Perfecting her makeup skills, altering her voice and speech patterns - all of it made her passable.  Yet, Erin was not simply satisfied with blending in.  She wanted to be seen as a beautiful, desirable woman.  It was the altar that she worshipped from and she would accept nothing less.  

In this she was peerless: No one could detect her male side when she was finished with her transformation.  Erin didn’t simply rely on her clothing and cosmetics to hide, she completely adopted a new self.  Her mannerisms, her voice inflections, even her decisions all changed when she went from male to female.  One version liked to smoke, another did not.  Erin was a vivacious girl who loved being in the spotlight - the boy tended to blend into the crowd.  Her boldness was a direct challenge to her alter ego: You are not real, I am.  Erin’s brashness was slowly eroding the male side. . forcing it to take a backseat to her.  One day, she wouldn’t have to hide behind it anymore.  She would be the real person and the boy would be a memory.  Then she would be beautiful forever - no shell to hide within.


  1. Ooh, I quite like this one!

    I definitely can relate to the having two sides part, and I do love that moment when I slip into the fun flirty dress that completes my look!


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