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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Labels | Endless Cycle

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The wheel never stops turning.

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It was best to stay in her cubicle.  Then she could avoid the disapproving eyes of the other secretaries.  Lola felt their judgement every time she crossed the floor to get coffee or make copies. Often times, the silence was broken by their whispers - most of it about her inappropriate attire or her thick makeup.  Still Lola didn’t need their comments to know what they thought about her.  Only a certain type of girl shows her cleavage in such a brazen way at work.  From her thick golden locks to her trashy fishnet stockings, they labeled her.

Slut.  Whore.  Easy.  Bimbo.

The whispers were all the confirmation Lola needed.  Her soft, breathy voice and her lack of skills didn’t help her contradict their judgement.  Every word from her painted, shimmering lips were laced with helium and promises of pleasure.  Everytime she answered the phone, Lola sounded more like a phone sex operator than a secretary.  It also didn’t help that she could do little more than make coffee.  Any other attempts to give her work beyond that only ended in disaster.    Now all the executives called her desk to ask for coffee and hear her babydoll voice coo their names.

She didn’t want to be the office eye candy, but Lola had no choice in her role.  The spell’s power made sure Lola acted like the empty-head young thing she appeared to be.  She couldn’t help but speak in such suggestive tones when she spoke, nor could she keep herself from being clumsy.  The magic shrouded her intelligence, hiding her knowledge behind a dark cloud within her head.  The spell’s influence affected every part of Lola’s existence and she was powerless to resist it.

Anytime she tried to struggle against the magic’s control, it would oppress her thoughts until she complied with the magic compulsions.  To the outside world, they saw a airhead painting her nails and constantly checking her makeup.  They didn’t see the internal struggle behind her vacant eyes.  She couldn’t fight back against the humiliating way the executives groped her inflated ass and breast.  Instead, Lola found herself pushing back into their inappropriate touches.  She invited their behavior with approving smiles.  If any of them asked for more, the magic forced her to comply with their debaucherous demands.  

Lola would have been just like them if she were in their place.  In another life, she had been one them.  A brash, arrogant suit who thought the secretary pool was their little black book.  The spell had taken that away.  The tone muscles were replaced by lush, full breasts and plump hips.  Three-piece Armani suits became too-tight clothing often unsuitable for the office.  Ron had been a powerful man, Lola was a giggly blonde no one would take seriously.  

The biggest contradiction to the entire ordeal was that all of the humiliation excited Lola.  The degrading way the men treated her, the jealous judgement of the other girls all left her thongs soaked.  The erotic desires of her body seeped into her thoughts, poisoning the former male’s mind until they felt like his own.  It was a vicious cycle of embarrassment and arousal.  The more her co-workers looked upon her as a slut, the more she wanted to act like one.  

All of it was seen by her former rival.  He watched it all unfold from across the hall in Ron’s former office.  Lola in turn watched him receive all the success she once had.  The men she used to share drinks after work now took her into their offices and bent her over the desks.  The worst, of course, was when she had to service the man who did this to her.  Ironically, he was easily her best lover - he treated her the worst and gave it to her the hardest - exactly what her body wanted. 


  1. I think this is one of your best captions, you've out-done yourself.

  2. wow a beautiful start in the new year

  3. What a great treat to start the year! So happy you have come back and are creating new captions! Thank you :)

  4. Who is this model?

    1. Yes, I am also desperate to know her name.


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