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Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Color of Corruption | Carnal Awakening

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Passion as a new color . . .

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Your fingers tremble as you take the bottle from it’s perch on the shelf.  For a moment you stare at it, eyes full of need and fear as the thick, blood-colored substance pulses inside it's glass prison.  The pernicious whispers of dark energy call to you, once again asking for you to commune with it.  You whimper, shaking your head to try to drive the voices away, but they are too entangled with your thoughts.  

“It’s time, my dear.” the voices whisper.  “It’s time to become one again.”

Fingers slowly uncork the bottle, the sweet fragrance filling the room as a tendril of the thick, gel-like substance reaches out of the bottle, pulling the rest of the mass to the surface.  Your eyes flicker when it touches your hand. More tendrils take hold of you, forcing themselves through your pores.  Your body absorbs the thick erotic venom, feeding it’s darkness.  You can feel it spreading. . . growing within, saturating your body with itself.  Dizziness overtakes you, the room spinning as you clutch the railings of the stairs.  Your senses are overloaded with erotic energy as hedonistic thoughts consume your mind.  

These are not new feelings.  Every time you have opened the bottle, you’ve succumbed to the wicked entity within.  Even now, it courses through your blood, rapidly filling you with it’s desires as it changes you.  You feel your skin prickle before it smooths itself out.  Supple and pale to touch, so enticing in it’s softness.  Your waist tightens itself, twisting until it’s tiny.  Meanwhile your hips push outward, popping open  to give you a more curvaceous figure.  The feminine spirit inside travels within you corrupting your mind and body.  Carnal thoughts, wicked ones. . . a deep, unsated need for the flesh.  You moan out, voice altered by the darkness - now a breathy alto dripping with sultriness.  

As your flesh changes, the dark gel pours out of your skin, forming a fitting dress to match your tainted beauty.  Burgundy latex stretches over your voluptuous form, revealing as much as it covers.  You sigh as your breasts threaten to pop out of the front, your ruby lips curling into a satisfied smile.    Inky strands of hair frame your face as your eyes shift to a slate grey shade. A delighted purr signals the final shift to femininity.  The male you were is no longer, Maxine is here and she wants to play.  She must quell the debaucherous cravings in her devilish body or you may never revert to normal.  

Maybe, just maybe you don’t want to.


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