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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Me & Mrs. Jones | Maturing Assets

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We've got a thing going on . . .

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There was no shock in looking in the mirror anymore, only satisfaction.  Being inside Mrs. Jones’ body felt as natural as breathing to John.  It was easier to mount his beautiful neighbor each time he did it.  He had mounted other people before but none felt as luxurious as Lorrie Jones’ body.  Sliding into her voluptuous frame felt like slipping into an elegant gown.  Her pendulous breasts swayed and heaved with each breath as his soul took control.  Everything from her lush rump to her smooth skin was positively addicting!  His spirit would consume her from within but her feminine pride seeped into his every being each time his mind would like with hers.  It opened his mind to a world of a femininity that John positively entrancing.  

He had heard stories of host personalities imprinting on those who mounted them.  These strong personalities left lingering traits upon body hoppers long after they had returned to normal.  The mature Mrs. Jones was a very impressive woman and she certainly left an impression on whomever she met.  It was part of the allure that drew John to her.  He loved her confidence and beauty.  Mrs. Jones did not let her age or gender prevent her from enjoying all that life had to offer.  She never wanted for company as she was often out on dates and she never had to settle for anything less than the most eligible of sutors.  In her body, John got to experience her vivid life and it was a seductive experience.  Mrs. Jones' memories were so potent, so vibrant that John felt them as vividly as if he had experienced them himself.  The passionate embraces of Mr. Jones before his untimely passing.  The simmering needs of Mrs. Jones after her beloved's passing.  She was a woman with desires and passions that would not be swept to the side just because she was 40 and a widow.  

Indeed, every time he left her body, John felt himself thinking more like her.  He admired women more for how they presented themselves and less as sexual creatures.  He compared their appearance to that of Mrs. Jones and often felt he could outdo them.  He tisk-tisked desperate woman in skimpy clothing because he felt he was a classy woman when he was Lorrie Jones.  He saw older men and wondered if they would be worthy lovers for his feminine avatar. It was becoming so that his life as Mrs. Jones was taking priority over the teen’s male life.  In fact, he was spending more and more time as her.  He was finding her delicious curves and vibrant life too tempting to resist.  He knew he was becoming more like her and adopting her sensibilities.  If he wanted to continue being John, he would have to give up being Mrs. Jones.  However, the young man didn’t know if he could...


  1. Got the song stuck in my head now, but it doesn't bother me at all .. since I think that is the underlying point of the caption .. that he is getting stuck in HER head. Take about a lovely earworm!

    1. wanted to put a twist on the possession theme. The idea that he's being changed by his host body was a fun idea to play with. I don't know if I will be using the possession theme often but this one was worth the effort.

  2. I think I'd lose myself to being her the first time I tried...

  3. Your possession captions are always great

    1. When the mood strikes me, I'll try them. I have never done just one type of caption and I think is might frustrate my audience!


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