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Friday, June 26, 2015

Making It Better | Acceleration

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Go Faster . . .

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The water wasn’t working.  If anything, it was only making things worse.  The rushing water pouring over her skin was accelerating the process.  She bit her lip as another surge of warmth built up within her hips and waist, tingling as it grew stronger.  Finally, the dam of magic energy broke and she squealed as her hips expanded again with a dense thunk.  Her rump was now stretching the wet panties almost beyond their intended limits.  The ripple effect of the spell traveled all around her body, coaxing more femininity to the surface.  Skin was more delicate. Sensitive.  Her hair was growing so thick that it threatened to snap the band holding it in in place. She sighed, the exhaling of her lungs forcing more flesh upward to her chest.  Her breasts sat inside the cups of the babydoll, nearly ready to snap the seams.  The dainty garment clung to her curves as they expanded, ready to leave her nude under the shower.  

She could stop the spell; the incantation was on on the edge of her lips.  Yet, she couldn’t resist the erotic tingle of her luscious rump growing thicker with each passing moment.  Femininity was consuming her, draining her of any will to return to her male self.  She wanted to feel herself become more voluptuous, more feminine, more beautiful.  She wanted to be so sexy and curvaceous that she couldn’t fit into regular clothing.  She wanted her lush body to be on display.  She NEEDED to be this woman, the woman in her dreams.  The shower would be over soon. . . and so would her life as a man.  

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