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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Ladies Night | Fashioned Femme

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And the feeling's right....

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“That happened, didn’t it?” The trio’s eyes followed the bold gentleman as he walked, his gaze still locked on the lovely girl in the middle.  He was so enamored with her that he missed a step, taking a slight stumble before catching himself.  He brushed off his clumsiness, still smiling.

“Yes, Sabrina, it did.  Our girl is already turning heads.”  Blair patted her friend on the back, guiding her past the entrance.  “He’s just the first, honey.  There’s more where he came from.”  The bewildered girl in lavender let her friend nudge her away, too captivated by the handsome boy’s baby blues. Had that just happened?  Did a boy, a MAN look at her and didn’t go screaming in the other direction.  In fact, he had done just the opposite.  His eyes locked on hers and then her body, smiling in with undisguised lust.  

Jeff had not known what to expect when Blair and Sabrina had proposed this to him.  Prosthetics, padding, makeup?  He was no stranger to feminine beauty but he had thought he had been careful to conceal the truth.  He designed their clothing and kept them fashion forward, but he had never shown them his secret sketchbook.  It turns out you can’t keep things from your best friends.  They had known about Jeff’s secret self for years and they were tired of him trying to hide it.  So they chose the spring formal to attend, making sure their new girlfriend would be accompanying them.  

He could have said no to the cosmetic lessons or the high heel training.  Most men would have put their foot down at wearing padding underneath their clothing.  And the special prosthetic for his panties?  It could have been tossed to the side.  But he didn’t want to say no.  He was terrified, but he still wanted to go on the journey.  Somewhere in his heart, the girl inside wanted to be let out!  Even if it was on a hopeless dream, he resolved to play it out until the end.  And yet, it had turned out to be more.  Every day leading up to the ball, Jeff saw a little more of his feminine self floating to the surface; arched eyebrows, shapely curves, a natural sway from walking in heels.  It all came together when he saw that stunning lavender dress.  The one he had dreamed of for so long.  He had to slip it on and let the alluring silk flutter around him!  

Still, after seeing the truth in the mirror, he had needed prodding.  They had forced him out the door and out of the car.  No one in the crowd  stared or pointed;  everyone who made eye contact only saw Jeff as he appeared to be; a lovely girl in a beautiful gown.  And none of this had prepared him for that moment when a man saw him not only as a woman but a desirable one!   That was the moment when Jeff realized he could be her . . he could be Chanel and no one would object.  She didn’t have to go away after tonight.  She could go on and possibly live the life she always wanted.

“Chanel will you hurry up?  He’s not the only guy you’ll see.” Sabrina chided.  She smiled and followed along, eager to see where else the night would lead her.

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  1. That's quite an alluring cap there Simone! Just lovely!


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