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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"The Perils of Felicia" or "Web Of Femininity"

Hello, my darlings!  This week, we will be exploring the (un)fortunate(?) exploits of a toy named Felicia.

Little Felicia is a neophyte at Rachel's Haven, but she's quickly become a stand out caption-maker.  There's an intelligence behind her prose that is simply a joy to read and her eye for selecting images pushes her work beyond the usual.  So when I crafted this for her, I wanted to zero in on her own love of humiliation.  This isn't a new concept by any means, but in her case I wanted to play with one of MY favorite tropes: Wanting the "punishment" you are receiving.   

I find in most stories with similar themes that humiliation is simply the act of the reveal.  It's very board and over the top - so much that it's almost on the level of cartoon villainy.  So in this case, I wanted it to very much feel like a pet owner dangling the string just out of reach of a kitten.  Everything is designed to highlight femininity and the sensation of being a fantasy but also prey on the concepts that one is not worthy.  Also, not only are you not worthy but you are not in control of your own fantasy even as you live it.  Felicia here is shackled to the whims of her tormentor, and yet she cannot walk away.  She COULD but she doesn't want to and CANNOT do so.  She's enjoying not only her femininity but her entrapment.  If this were a roller coaster, the bars have come down and the cart is cranking up the hill.  The only way off this ride is if the operator WANTS to stop.

Felicia's response to this was one I wish was always the case when I create something.  Because of her response, I decided that I was not done with playing with this darling little toy.  What's more, the intelligent exchanged we had fueled my imagination and I created ANOTHER peril for her to experience.  THAT story will appear next and I would LOVE to hear what you all think about this one.

Also, two things:

The story that I wrote "Carnivale Dreams" was posted a few other places.  You can find it here on Literotica to read and if you stop by, by all means rate the story!  I would love for it to have a high rating.

You can also find it at Fictionmania here.  Please leave a review, I'd love to read it.

Also, a friend named Ben loved the story enough that he posted it in full on his blog.  You are also welcome to check it out because you can also find other stories and captions he's found around the web.  Give him a peek, you might like it, especially if you love full transformations. 

Until next time, darlings. 


  1. Lovely and only leaves me waiting for the next adventure.

  2. I've always been a big fan of stories that have that progression of girlishness, that feeling that the main character is descending steps with each manly thing they surrender to reach their true girly form in the end. Excellent work Mistress :)

    -Little Bird

  3. so glad your back, and better than ever. keep up the great work hun. hugs Sedra.

  4. She looks adorable (great choice of picture, so fitting) and I love what you've done to her!

  5. I F#%@%ing Love This Cap!!!

  6. My favorite line has to be, "...afraid of both Simone breaking her promise AND keeping it." That line in and of itself I feel is representative of the feel of this cap and you captured it so well!

    You definitely nailed the "dangling a string" perfectly and it's that combination of temptation and seduction that I absolutely love. Nice job!

  7. The picture, the words, the promises, the future .... Great !

  8. Writes very well loved the story continues like this São Paulo


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