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Saturday, April 20, 2013

"Performance Art" or "Method Acting"

A special weekend treat for you darlings:  Kendall will be giving the performance of a lifetime.

Darling Kendall is a girl who loves the illusion of femininity.  And by illusion I mean the ability to shift into the ability to pass as a female.  Identity becomes fluid in many of her tales - many end with a new girl taking the place of another or simply able to slip from one female persona to the other.  That is what's behind the heart of story.  Acting is another way of slipping into another personality, so why not add another layer to that?  So how many roles would you lose yourself into?  I've love for you to tell me.  It might spark another idea.

Until next time, darlings.


  1. To act you have to really get into the persona although for Kendall it's going the other way, the more she acts the more Kendall comes on out! For roles i could lose myself, in sexy office dollybird, short skirted party girl, ornamental doll or submissive sissymaid in training would work.

  2. Mmm. How to start...

    Let's start with the post. In addition to the treat of the cap, something else that I quite enjoyed was your sort of analysis of my style and of your own cap. I always enjoy it when people tell me how they perceive me and my likes and dislikes, so that intro in and of itself was a treat!

    Now on to the cap. First paragraph. Ooh...great mental image there of my co-star on the verge of spontaneously combusting in lust. Seduction, temptation, those are some of my favorite themes in any cap and I particularly loved the phrases, "silent seduction" and "adultress temptress". Talk about great alliteration and rhyme!

    The first few sentences of the third paragraph however takes a close second! Roles...roleplay, role changing, and being different people at will is another aspect I quite enjoy and I like how you worked it into the cap, having had me play everything from the "cute supporting best friend" to the "sexy scene-stealing secretary" and everything in between. That just sounds like so much fun! Who knows what else it next on my list? Caring, but naughty nurse? Shy, but seductive schoolgirl? The possibilities are endless!

    Then we got to the meat and potatoes so to speak. My body performing as well in the bedroom as it did on stage and having another private performance with my co-star? LOVE IT! Great imagery and great wording. Subtle and sexy.

    The picture was also great. It definitely lent a good visual to the story and I loved your choice of model. Just the sort of girl I would like to be!

    Thanks for this little adventure Mistress Simone!


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