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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"Lust's Curse" or "Ripening Assets"

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This week, we will explore some of fantasies for my beloved Honey.

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  1. Sexy caption, Simone. Excellent job here!

  2. Wonderful work Mistress, a lovely and sexy curse for Honey ;)

  3. just loved it, great work hun.

  4. Simone really played into my love of images and Mistress Control in this one, teasing me with the idea of a slow transform into a feminine beauty with a lush body based on HER control.

    The image is delicious, but her prose makes it even more so, using things she knows would push my buttons and making my fantasies into a glorious gift of sensual seduction.

    A gracious gift from my wonderful Mistress, meltworthy and deliciously done.


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