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Thursday, April 25, 2013

"Shades of Blush" or "The Perils of Felicia II"

As promised, Here is the second part of Felicia's decent into helplessness.  Will you join her?

If you want to make a sub squirm, take them deeper down the rabbit hole. I took the more Michael Bay approach to this:  BIGGER AND MORE. Poor little Felicia has been transformed again and this time she's more helpless than before!   From the pastel bubbled backgrounds to the prose meant to establish more control, this was designed to make the reader quiver with delight and fear.  The door is closing on you and every day you continue down this path means another day closer to a lifetime in pink dresses and pink lipgloss.  A living dress-up doll for the enjoyment of others.  

Now my question to you little darlings is this: Would you join her? 

Would you wish to be trapped in frilly colors, soft curls and frosted makeup?  Too weak to fight back and too enraptured by the joy of it? 

Until next time, darlings. 


  1. What a wonderful series! I'm loving these. Would love to see Felicia's further descent. :P

  2. A beautifully designed follow up to the first story Simone! And while most days I can say confidently that I wouldn't want to live that life... I find it harder after reading your glorious story. So I guess I have to say that yes... yes I would join her!

  3. ... Yes, I would too!

  4. Absolutley wonderful continuation of a classic cap, Simone. Great work,

  5. Mistress, i so would join her, descending downwards everv more helpless a living dress up doll for others enjoyment.
    Great cap series


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