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Thursday, April 14, 2016

What Are You Afraid Of | Let Me Show You

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No Fear

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“They are coming in already,” Sydney lifted his shirt, revealing two puckered, rose-colored buds.  “See how pink they are?  They even sag just a bit when I stand up.  I’ll have big ones in just a few days.”  I stared into his crystalline eyes, suddenly very aware of the thick air between us. My gaze traveled down to the tiny buds rising and falling atop Sydney’s chest at a steady rhythm.  I quickly looked back up, but Sydney didn’t lower his top.  “It’s ok.  I want you to look. . . I was hoping you would…”   Sydney’s new breathy alto demanded my attention.  Yet another new detail I couldn’t ignore.  I had watched his already soft skin become delicate and creamy.  It had taken everything in my will to ignore the urge to touch his silky strawberry locks.  His rosy lips seemed to be thicker these days. . . almost inviting every time i watched him speak.  

“Go ahead, you can touch if you want,” His trembling voice matched the vulnerability in Sydney's eyes.  Those lovely, rosy lips parted, almost pleading to me. . . and I so wanted to answer them.  “What are you afraid of?”  My hand trembled as I reached down.  His cheeks tinted red. The dulcet whimper when I touched his nipples sparked a response in my own pants.  “It’s-it’s the same down there.” Sydney whispered.  “So I understand if you don’t. . .”

“Shhhh,  I don’t care.”  I placed a finger against Sydney’s lips, noting the sticky gloss.  “I’m not afraid. . not anymore.”  Sydney nodded, a mix of hope and anticipation in those eyes.  

Sydney wasn’t my best friend anymore.  The moment I touched her, Sydney became my girlfriend.


  1. I love this caption. The situation feels authentic. The attitudes of the protagonists have the ring of truth and the dialogue is exactly what I would imagine it to be.

    I wish I'd made this. (This is Kate Southerland from the Haven btw)

  2. Wonderfully written. Just a beautiful caption. Beautiful.

  3. Well written caption that enthralls! Great work!

  4. Becoming beautiful for someone is a delightful fantasy, and this tells it so well.

  5. I love this caption, Mistress. Tender and lovely with beautiful writing.


  6. sydney is getting very popular these days...
    oh the dirty things I will do to her in my caps. >:)


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