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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Illicit Heels | Dare To Wear

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 High & Heeled for her pleasure

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“What are these?”  Ike glanced at the dark, silky material in his hand, absently rubbing it between his fingers.  His girlfriend simply scrunched her nose up, her lips curling into an impish grin.  

“Stockings.”  she answered.  “I wanted to help you get into the mood.”  Her melodious giggle couldn’t hide her wicked intentions but Ike ignored it.  Without hesitation, he pulled his pants down and started rolling the sheer dark fabric up his legs.  He shivered as the stockings encased his shaven legs.  “I bought these special for you,”  she said as she laid a pair of ornate black pumps next to his stockinged feet.  “From a new boutique I’ve been dying to try out.  That way when you chicken out, I’ll have a new pair of sexy shoes . . . all on YOUR tab, of course.”  Ike rolled his eyes as he slid his feet into the tall shoes, strapping himself in.  A slight flutter stirred within his tummy as he buckled the second strap, securing his feet and placing them on the ground.  After a deep breath, he stood up, wobbling a bit before managed to stand still.  Ike bit his lip as he concentrated on the way his feet arched inside the shoe.  Hesitantly, he took his first step. . a tiny, mincing one forward.  “Awww, that’s so cute!  She’s taking her first steps!” his girlfriend's mocking tone earned her a grin.  

Ike wobbled more, but gained confidence with each step. Sure, his calves were tingling, but if he could master them, then his girlfriend would owe him a weekend of naked servitude.

“These aren’t so . . . bad,” he remarked as the tingle moving upward.  “Not bad at all.” Ike’s voice raised up a a few octaves as he spoke, chest rising slightly.  Each step was becoming easier but also doing something. . else.  Jolts of sensual energy crept up Ike’s legs as his stocking covered thighs rubbed together.  He sucked in a breath and bit his lip as his waist pulled inward and hips swelled outward.  His mincing steps became more exaggerated, hips forcing him to sway as he walked in circles.   He brushed a bit of hair from his face as he did a turn for his girlfriend.  The look of disbelief was too delicious.  He sighed again, feeling more weight on his chest as he started to strut.  Once he felt more relaxed, he put on an exaggerated strut, mimicking the models he’d seen on TV.  The click-clack of the heels were in rhythm with the swaying flesh jiggling on his body.  He flicked his head to the side, sliding his slender fingers through the growing mane of hair.  

He stopped for a moment, leaning over to adjust the tops of his stockings, new thoughts swirling inside his mind.  Ike was aware of his new changes, but by now the sensual tingle had infected his mind.  He embraced his new thoughts. . . these new feelings, letting them make him into something new.  

“I-Ike?”  his girlfriend stammered as she watched the confident woman preen in the mirror.  

“Izzy”  the new girl corrected as she turned towards Ike’s former girlfriend.  “Could you give me a hand?  Since I won, you should help me get ready for tonight.  I want to look my best when we go out.”


  1. Where does one go about getting a pair of stockings like those??!!

  2. scrumptious picture and a wonderful, dreamy caption to go with it. Mistress Simone is on Her game as usual :)


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