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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Conscious Copulation | Shared Experience [Explicit]

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Make a conscious decision

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Like a piston, the cock drove relentlessly into David’s sodden pussy.  Each thrust sparked little fireworks in his eyes, glazing over as the erotic pleasure consumed him.  He tried to concentrate on his girlfriend’s eyes, but the wet, slurping sounds of his pussy greedily clinging to cock kept his attention.  Still, he could see the lust in her eyes. . .the same look in his own.

“It’s so good isn’t it?  Thick, hard, warm velvet plunging into you.”  David’s girlfriend whispered as she touched him.  “That’s how it is for me. . .the same cock inside you is the same one that was inside me.”  David’s only answer was a girlish moan in agreement.  “This is what I wanted you to feel. . this is what I’ve been whispering to you.  Let it consume you, baby.  Don’t shy away from it.  I want to share all of this with you.  I want you to love it just like I do.  I want you to CRAVE it like me - become what I am.”  David’s mind was melting as his girlfriend babbled on, his resolve crumbling as he let himself enjoy the feeling of being on the opposite end of sex.  Having rough hands pawing at him, sinking into his flesh and holding him firm as a thick prick owned him.  It was so easy to understand his promiscuous girlfriend from this end.  He has known she was a wildcat and turned a blind eye to her slutty ways.  But how could he not NOT want this?  It was beautiful, carnal bliss and he was already addicted.  

“Oh NOW you see it!  This is what I love!  It’s better than any drug.  That’s why I cast the spell.  I wanted you to see for yourself.  Now you KNOW why I can’t help seeking out more.  It’s hard to say no, isn’t it?  But don’t worry, I’ll show you how to get more.  We can be sluts together. . you and me, baby.”  David’s eye’s fluttered as he felt one final thrust deep into his abdomen.  The rush of molten cock cream cemented his fate; he was no longer David. . he was someone else.  Someone feminine, someone who would never go back to being male.  The reversal spell would be thrown away, and David would be replaced by Rose.  She breathed a sigh of delight, the craving temporarily sated.  Still, she knew it wouldn’t be long before she needed another hit. . .


  1. "...hit of that molten man-milk deep within the clenching crevasse of his newly-crafted core! But first, another need filled the consciousness of Rose's desires! Something David would never have considered until he felt the soul-shattering sensuality of his she-spot in the sublime spasms of sexual satisfaction. A taste!

    Rose greedily locked-lips with her lover and slowly slid herself from the rigid rod invading her innards, relishing the glorious gush of girl-goo past her gripping gash, and turned a 180 at break-neck speed! "Good girl," Rose heard her girlfriend - whose likeness her flesh now mirrored - say as she let her tongue lay against the base of the man's member to begin lapping its length clean of her own, female flavor mixed with the salty savor of semen!

    "We will make a fantastic pair," the girlfriend purred as she ran her own oral love-muscle along the lubricious labia of her new doppelganger. "Go ahead, Rose! Give him head while I get a good taste of the new you," she prodded her protege before licking hew lady-love's luscious lips as Rose wrapped her mouth around the glistening glans of a guy for the first - but not last - time. ..."

    Your piece is incredibly hot, Miss Simone!!! I hope you are not put-off by, but find the "epELLEogue" a fitting tribute to your tale of David's end and the beginning of Rose.


  2. Please continue it.


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